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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
11/Apr/2017 3822000000 "1.Komplekty rapid test kits for monitoring surface cleanliness and water in the food industry: art.AQ100FREE test kit Aquasnap Free Test Kit (100) - 1 pc., Art.MS1-CEC Test set Enrichment for MSEC / CC (100) Test set-TOTAL Enrichment for Microsnap Total (100) - 2 pcs., art.MS2 Test set-TOTAL Detection for Microsnap Total (100) - 2 pcs., art.MS1 Test set-EB Enrichment for Microsnap Enterobacteriac (100) - 1 pc., art.MS2-EB test kit Detection for Microsnap Enterobacteriaceae (100) - 1 pc., art.ALS100 test kit AllerSnap (100) - 1 pc., art.MISC set sampling QS1000, QSwab Universal BPW (25) - 1pc., art.MISC set sampling QD0010, Q D Loop Sample Pickup 1:10 (25) - 1pc., Art.MISC set sampling QD0100, QD Loop Sample Pickup 1: 100 (25) - 1sht.Vyrobnyk: HYGIENA INTERNATIONAL LTD.Torhovelna mark: HYGIENA Country of origin: GB ". UNITED KINGDOM ***** 14.4 2011.454366 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 8537109990 "1.Chastyny ​​for agricultural machinery, electronic control units, controllers in the range of seeding: seed monitor CS 3000-16 NG plus 7-8 rows with monitorsensor (DJ BP) -kontroler seeding CS 3000-16 NG plus 7-8ryadiv with sensors, 3pc, article 64,033,102; CS 3000-16 NG plus seed monitor 13-16 rows for BPO with monitor sensor (DJ BP) -kontroler seeding CS-3000-16 NG plus 13-16ryadna with the sensor (DJ BP) 2 pcs, article 64,033,184; are devices for regulation and management of seeders reflect information received from sensors contain volume memory that is not programmable and can only store the programmed data, working on a kumulyatornoyi battery voltage of 12V, come complete with sensors, cables, connection.. " FRANCE ***** 99 10997.47141 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 8531809590 "1. ELECTRICAL visually BLOCK TEST warning lights BPKL 1 = 4 SHT.PROVODYT VERIFICATION LAMP dashboard VEHICLE BY FORCED power supply to all lamps DURATION 2-5 seconds. CHECK IN TIME FINISH JOB device switches control lamp in the mode of the monitoring . Works from Voltage - 12V.NE CONTAINS RADIOAKTYVNNOHO sources; NO of electronic means; NO LABELING explosion, not PRYZNACHEYY for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, do not contain GLASS CI receivers and PEREDAVACHI.VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA for acquisition backhoes 81AVYROBNYK: BRANCH "" Dam-SMOLYEVICHI "" Open "" DORELEKTROMASH "" Brand: DORELEKTROMASH.. " BELARUS ***** 0.54 1520.154231 View Importer