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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/2017 6806100000 1.Vyroby from thermal insulation, zvukoizolyats iynyh or sound-absorbing materials, ceramic fiber blanket with LYTX-312/12 60 558 rolls. Schilnistkovdry-128kg / m3, size 7620h610h25mm. I used to termoizolyatsiyivysokotemperaturnyh furnaces for industrial machinery, shall talurhiyi-processing and other branches i.Torhovelna Brand: LUYANGVyrobnyk: SHANDONG LUYANG SHARE CO., LTDKrayina production: CN. CHINA ***** 8300 11592.97858 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 4202921900 1. Ceramic facing glazed tile dry pressing, odnorazovohoobpalennya: mosaic tiles as the overall size 30h30sm consisting ofindividual elements mosaic greatest distinction that can be inscribed in a square izstoronoyu less than 7 cm, pasted on fiberglass mesh: (mozayichnyhelementiv size 2 * 2cm) mosaic Mozaika Magnetic roses. 30x30 sm 0.27 m2 to 3 pieces (size of mosaic elements 3h3sm) mosaic Mozaika Vulcanoroz. 30x30 sm 3.33 m2 to 37 sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - Ceramika PilchVyrobnyk - Ceramika Pilch SP. Z OO SP.K. Packed in cardboard boxes naderev'yaniy pallet. . TAIWAN ***** 1.9 87.78385688 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 5603129000 "1.HVYNTY FREE threaded head, carved out of rods with rods 8mm thick 5,25MMTA made of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel, designed for mounting FIREPROOFING isolation (module with ceramic fiber) on SHPILKU worn modules with already inserted into it anchoring and then fixed on threaded nuts and washers, threaded studs DRS.6-090 (40) -310- 3200 pieces. DIAMETER 5,25mm, length 90mm length threaded 40mm material: STAL310 (corresponding to 1.4845) pin out carving DRS.6-090 (40) -304 - 870 pieces. DIAMETR5,25mm length 90mm, the thread 40mm Material: Steel 304 (VIDPOVIDAYE1.4301) .; threaded pins DRR.8-265 (50) -310-250 pieces. DIAMETER 8mm DOVZhYNA265mm, the thread of 50mm. Material: Steel 310 (1.4845 MAKES Replies) .VYKORYSTOVUYUTSYA AT lining thermal aggregates OBJECTS steel, IES AMICHNOYI, chemical industries and other fields spine. KERAMICHNOHOKILTS PROVIDED WITHOUT am. " TURKEY ***** 10671.4 25611.35991 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 8418999090 "1.STALEVI Anchor systems made of heat-resistant STAINLESS STEEL METODOMNARIZANNYA, bending and punching, designed for installation VOHNETRYVKOYIIZOLYATSIYI (FIBER) AT lining of thermal units, objects metallurgical, ceramic, chemical and other areas of industry: VNM.8-166 / 143 -M8x20-d20-310K / 310 - anchor systems - 250 pieces. Anchoring system consists of two corrugated anchors (1.4 MATERIAL MEETS 310 845): diameter 8mm-length 166mm, 143mm DIAMETR8mm-DOVZHYNA; CORPS d16mm ZAVVYSH KI 20mm with internal threaded M8 (310 MATERIAL MEETS 1.4845). Anchor P RYVAR ENI holes in the hull.. " GERMANY ***** 22.6 8225.023735 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 1206001000 "1.Zasoby parts for sealing automatic filling line of juices: one-component silicone sealant PATTEX SL 501 ushpryntsyuvalnomu Termoidraulica 300ml cartridges not in aerosol packaging art.760330025 -10sht, [is a pasty mixture, consisting of: polidymetylsyloksan 50%, 30% sylikonovaoliya , supplement of 20% is used for sealing materials made of aluminum, glass, ceramics, fiberglass, methacrylate and painted metal bilshostiplastmas (except PE, PP, PTFE)]. Country of origin - ITTorhovelna mark - HenkelVyrobnyk - Henkel Italia SpA. " FRANCE ***** 50 7716.380414 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 3925908000 1.PLYTY from thermal insulation materials: - Board CERAMIC / CERAMIC BOARD - 20 SHT.VMIST: SiO2 - 52-56%, Al2O3 - 28-32% .For 1400 HRAD.S.VYHOTOVLYAYUT TEMPERATURE OF DIFFERENT refractory ceramic fibers, blended with ORGANIC and inorganic components. The slabs are for applications requiring high strength and stiffness, AND resistance to high temperature and excellent insulating HARAKTERYSTYK.PRYZNACHENI for lining and repairing heating Denis PECHEY.DLYA USE steel industry. For own production needs AMKR. . DENMARK ***** 0.3 13.30800613 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 8479810000 "1.Skladova ob'yektuAvtomatychna complete line of hot dip galvanizing consisting of: poz.16" "Stroytelnыe Constructions for furnace-type base beams, sheets, sheets Metallic FOR ZADELKY furnace super -1shtUPORNЫE FOR Metallic Rack Rack Metallic furnace -5shtUPORNЫE FOR furnace -5shtMETALLYChESKYE FOR KONTRPLYTЫ UPORNЫH STOEK -10shtPRODOLNAYa PANEL METALLOKARKASA furnace in set C. FIBER futerovkoj IZ Ceramic -1shtpoz.7 gas pressure stations depressions 2nd degree -1shtpoz.14 supplying pump TSYNKOVALNOHO soluble -1shtpoz.8 ЭkonomayzerTEPLOЭKONOMAY ER CO in set SVOYM fittings -1shtHYDROAKKUMULYaTOR in batteries for video REBRYSTOY TEPLOЭKONOMAYZERA -1sht. " ITALY ***** 7678 98845.70964 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8479810000 "1.Skladova ob'yektuAvtomatychna complete line of hot dip galvanizing consisting of: poz.6" "Furnace for horyacheho tsynkovanyya + air lines otvodyaschyh pro" ": Ceramic PLASTЫ FIBER" "UNI" "RAZM. Everyone. 1200h1000h50mm -21shtPLASTЫ Ceramic FIBER '' UNI "" 250 HT RAZM. everyone. 1200h1000h50mm -20shtSLOY Ceramic FIBER "" DURABLANKET "" S96 RAZM. everyone. 3660h610h50mm -3shtPLASTЫ Ceramic FIBER '' UNI ' "250 HT RAZM. everyone. 1200h1000h40mm -16shtSLOY Ceramic FIBER" "DURABLANKET" "S96 RAZM. everyone. 7300h610h25mm -8shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -182shtPROSLOYKY Ceramic FIBER UNI 60L K RT RAZM. 220h110h60mm everyone. -53shtOHNEUPORNЫE module RAZM ST. everyone. 500h500h60mm -7shtTsEMENT "" BLAKBOND "" dwell in 25 kg everyone. -200khYZOLYRUYuSchYY PRYAMOUHOLNЫY bricks ISO 450 RT RAZM. Everyone. 1200h1000h40mm -201shtBETON NEYZOLYRUYUSCHYY HRANULYROVANNЫY "" CAST "" R40 dwell in the 25 kg everyone. -1600khBETON NEYZOLYRUYUSCHYY HRANULYROVANNЫY "" CAST "" R40 dwell in the 25 kg KAZHD.-800khVENTYLYaTOR supercharged air HORENYYA FOR TYPE VG560 / NR2, head. Number F16012820, POWER 5.5 kW, 2940 Frequency rotation Equi. / Myn.-1shtDЫMOSOS VSASЫVANYYA DЫMOV HORENYYA MOU. RU450SVT3, head. Number 10 / 16-07832-001, power 7.5 kW, 2900 Frequency rotation Equi. / Min. -1shtЭLEKTROSchYTOK CONTROL Furnace -2shtSERVOPRYVOD IC20T BVA 150 -1shtMANOMETR KNOPOCHNЫY -1shtDATChYK MYNYMALNOHO pressure "" DUNGS "" -1shtKLAPAN regulator pressure hose GIK25R02 -6shtHYBKYY gas burner K -6shtShAROVЫY CRANE RAZM. 1 "" -6shtPREDOHRANYTELNЫY Gas valves EM VMR-3 RAZM. 1 "" -1shtTERMOPARA TYPE K L = 500mm -2shtTERMOPAR TYPE K L = 300mm -2shtPREOBRAZOVATEL KAMERЫ pressure inside the combustion air -1shtKLAPAN innings HORENYYA VF7SL4 -6shtHYBKYY air hose washers K -6shtMERNAYa burner air HORENYYA 20POP.S DN65 -6shtЭLEKTROSchYT CONTROL Furnace HORYACHEHO TSYNKOVANYYA -1shtAVTOMATYChESKYY Gates OTSECHENYYA DЫMOV combustion furnace -4shtTEPLOHENERATOR in set C Gas-fired HORELKOY And Ust VSASЫVANYYA air -1shtTERMOPARA, SOHNUTAYA Under UHLOM 90 deg FOR ZAMERA t melt zinc -1shtSERVOPRYVOD electric gate OTSECHENYYA CONTROL HA OJ MOD.4501 pipe -1shtZhELEZNЫY 1.1 / 2 "" C REZBOY ON -2sht a single end flange HOMUTOVЫY 3 "" 90 degrees DN80 -6shtOTVOD 1.1 / 2x3 '' DN40 -3shtPEREHODNYK KONTSENTRYCHESKYY -1shtShAROVOY Brass CRANE 1.1 / 2 "" C TEFLONOVЫM seal -1shtShAROVOY CRANE DN20-4shtZhELEZNЫY flange DN65 flange -6shtOTVOD C 3 "" -6shtT-shaped OTVOD 2.5 "" -1shtREZBOVAYa pins L = 1000mm mounting -3sht KIT Nuts And Bolts -1shtpoz.16 "" Stroytelnыe Constructions for furnace-type base beams , sheets, sheets Metallic FOR False premises of furnace -1shtMETALLYChESKYE sheets FOR False premises of metal furnace -1shtTORTsEVAYa PANEL Frame furnace C in set 3 pcs. And burner futerovkoj IZ Ceramic -1shtTORTsEVAYa FIBER PANEL METALLOKARKASA furnace in a set " ITALY ***** 17302 111280.2305 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 6806900000 1.Exothermal (heat-insulating) non-refractory membranes (for casting additives used for production of castings from iron-gypsum alloys): ECD100 / 50 / 130-3666 units .FT400 B1100 * 300 * 50-108 pieces (Warehouse composition: AL2O3, AL metal, SIO2, Fe2O3, Na2O + K2O, CaOMgO, MnO2) obtained by mixing crushed ceramic fiber, quartz sand, iron oxide with the addition of the binding component and water with subsequent formation, vacuum removal of moisture and drying at a temperature of 200 +/- 5 град.С. Trade mark-SQ.Care of production-CN.Producer-Jinan Shengquan Group Share-Holding Co., LTD. CHINA ***** 1900.8 2832.960184 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 8479810000 "1.Skladova ob'yektuAvtomatychna complete line of hot dip galvanizing consisting of: poz.6" "Furnace for horyacheho tsynkovanyya + air lines otvodyaschyh pro" ": metal. PIPE O2" "- 3pc metal. O2,5 PIPE" "-2shtMETALL. PIPE O1 "" -2shtMETALL. PIPE O0,5 "" L = 6,16m - 2shtDLYa HAZOPROVODNOY OBVYAZKYMETALLYCHESKAYA PIPE O2,5 "" DLYNOY 7,25m FOR PIPE HAZOPROVODNOY OBVYAZKY -6shtMETALLYChESKAYa O2,5 "" DLYNOY 6,45m FOR HAZOPROVODNOY OBVYAZKY- 2shtMETALLYChESKAYa PIPE O2,5 "" DLYNOY 4,05m FOR HAZOPROVODNOY OBVYAZKY C 2 VERTYKALNЫMY OTVODAMY KAZHD. 2shtMETALLYChESKYY duct-O8 "" DLYNOY 12m FOR VOZDUSHNOY obvjaz CI -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 12m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 12m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 6,8m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 2M for VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtOTVOD O8 "" DLYNOY 0,8m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 12m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 12m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 5m FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O8 "" DLYNOY 5m for water DUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O2,5 "" C PRYVARENNЫM flanges VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY -1shtMETALLYChESKYY duct O2,5 "" FOR VOZDUSHNOY OBVYAZKY-1shtpoz.16 "" Stroytelnыe Constructions for furnace-type base beams, sheets "": Longitudinal PANEL METALLOKARKASA furnace in set C futerovkoj IZ Ceramic FIBER -1 units. " ITALY ***** 6431 20321.2957 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 8536700000 1. Connectors for optical fibers or cables: art. 231221104 Adapter SC / PC Simplex SM, zirconium ceramic sleeve with color blue 500 sht.Vyrobnyk Wuxi Universal Network Co., LTD.Torhova Brand Premium Line.Krayina production of CN. . CHINA ***** 2.5 140.9262722 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 6806100000 "1.Mineralna wool: Production of thermal insulation materials: Mat with keramichnohovolokna 1260 CIP 7320h610h25mm 312 - 360 units. The actual density - 130 kg / m3Klasyfikatsiyna temperature: 1260 ° C thermal conductivity (at t = 500hrad.S) - 0,140Vt / m * K. Chemical composition: Al2O3- 45,2%; SiO2-54,1%; Fe2O3 + TiO2-0,4% K2O + Na2O- 0,2% .Mat of ceramic fiber 1260 CIP-312 7320h610h25mm - 50 pcs. faktychnaschilnist - 148 kg / m3 Classification temperature: 1260 hrad.STeploprovidnost (at t = 500hrad.S) - 0.138 W / m * K. Chemical composition: Al2O3- 45,2%; SiO2-54,1%; Fe2O3 + TiO2- 0,4% K2O + Na2O- 0,2%. mat of ceramic fiber 1260SIR 7320h610h25mm-212 - 200 units. The actual density - 130 kg / 3 Klasyfikatsiynatemperatura: 1260 ° C thermal conductivity (at t = 500hrad.S) - 0.146 W / m * K.Himichnyy composition: Al2O3- 44,3%; SiO2-52,2%; Fe2O3 + TiO2-1% K2O + Na2O - 0.9% .Vykorystovuyutsya furnaces for heat insulation, equipment and components units in variousindustries industry. ". CHINA ***** 8895 8687.746759 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 6806900000 "1.Ekzotermichni (insulating) nevohnetryvki shell (for casting profits used for the production of casting alloys zalizovuhlytsevyh): - EXO25B SLEEVES: MX7 D.160 H.200-360 sht.MX8 D.180 H.200-324 pieces. MX10 D.250 H.200-360 sht.MX11 D.300 H.200-324 sht.TX4 D.120 H.149-768 sht.OVX7 H.200-80 sht.OVX10 120x240 / 200x300 H.200- 11 80 sht.OVX14 400x250 H.200-80 sht.EXO28 SLEEVES P912l D.89 H.103,5-4928 sht.EXO26 SLEEVES P69l D.57,5 H.78-1260 sht.EXO26 SLEEVES P912l D.89 H. 103,5-896 pcs. (Khimich composition: AL2O3, AL metal, SIO2, Fe2O3, Na2O + K2O, CaOMgO, MnO2), obtained by mixing mill-bnenoho ceramic fiber, silica sand, iron oxide with added water component and z`vyazuyuchoho followed odds ents, vacuum drying and moisture removal at temperaturi200 +/- 5 hrad.S.Torhovelna brand-Faprosid srlKrayina manufacturing-IT. Producer - "" Faprosid srl "". " ITALY ***** 6367 13703.04622 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 7019900000 1.Vyroby with fiberglass: NR39100442005 suction hose-44mm cylinder primary SIL 2 - 4m / n, made of fiberglass coated with silicone, double-reinforced steel wire, elastic, temperature from -70 ° C to + 260 ° C, briefly up to 280 WITH. Delivery free of charge. Designed for use in hot and cold air on its ceramic production. Trademark NORRES. Manufacturer NORRES. Country of origin DE (Germany). . GERMANY ***** 1.05 33.12511453 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 6806900000 "1.TEPLOIZOLYATSIYNI MATERIAL BASED ON BASIS ceramic fibers, KERAMICHNATKANYNA NT 1000S3 / 20m 25 rolls in drawers CERAMIC TAPE HT 1000 S100x3 / 50m16 rolls in boxes Application: To seal still from" "United VTSYVILNIY INDUSTRY AND PRODUCTION HIGH FILTRIVTA membrane. PRODUCER: "" SINOGRAF SA "", POLAND TRADE MARK NO KRAYINAVYROBNYTSTVA PL. " POLAND ***** 906 5392.398575 View Importer

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