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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 8432900000 1.Chastyny ​​seeders for agricultural equipment brands th GASPARDO vchastkovo unassembled. G16620010 Ejector sugar beet seeds 12sht.G13825091-disc coulter diam.373mm-50sht. A51801000 ploughshare peredpluzhnyka metalevyypravyy 22 30BR-5pcs. A51801010 ploughshare peredpluzhnyka metal left 22-30BR 5sht.A51703001 dump peredpluzhnyka right-5pcs metal. A51703011 Vidvalperedpluzhnyka metal-5pcs left. G20860106 fertilizer-feeder rake 30sht.G16670271 Holder fertilizer coulter disk-24sht. G99501600 sowing disc 26otv. diameter 4.50 mm, 8 pieces. G99501602 sowing disc 26 Otv. diameter 2.50 mm-8sht.G99501600 sowing disc 26 Otv. diameter 4.50 mm, 8 pieces. G99501602 sowing disc 26otv. diameter 2.50 mm, 8 pieces. G99520339 adding soffit Set to Drill MEGA 600DP-4sht.G99520339 adding soffit Set to Drill MEGA 600DP-4 pieces. G99520116 Prychipnyyprystriy SC.MARIA-1sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - MASCHIO GASPARDOVyrobnyk - MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA. ITALY ***** 723.592 10513.28151 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8432900000 "1. Parts intended exclusively for forestablish pochvoobrobnutehniku ​​:, navisnoyihruntoobrobnoyi to trailers and equipment: 15009PA chisel tip (hlybokorozpushuvach) -50sht.J9 3,5 1981-15 R.B9 disc coulter J9 3.5 (steam engines) -331sht. 1551 CA chisel (plow) -20sht.15051-A Paw (cultivators) -500sht.15050-B-CA-330 (47 °) Lapa (cultivators) -1000sht.15027-H-12 "" - CA1 (E-6 ) Lapa (cultivators) -500sht.15072-CA Paw lancet (cultivators) -300sht.1433-I CA 631101 chisel right (plow) -30sht.1433-D CA 631100 Chisel left (plow) -30sht.1211-40I CA WS400L ploughshare right (plow) -16sht.1211-40D CA WS400 left sock (plow) -16sht.1211-43I CA WS430L ploughshare right (plow ) -16sht.1211-43D CA WS430 left sock (plow) -16sht.1212-40D CA WSM40 left sock (plow) -125sht.1212-40I CA WSM40L ploughshare right (plow) -125sht.1212-43D CA WSM43 left sock (plow) -250sht.1212-43I CA WSM43L ploughshare right (plow) -250sht.1515 12 3374392 CA chisel (cultivators) -60sht.1515 10 3374388 CA chisel (cultivators) -150sht.2489-C2A-SI-2489 C2A- SI Ribbon (cultivators) -30sht.2329-C CA 279140 Rack (plow) -40sht.2329-B CA 761108 "" HB "" Board field (plow) -16sht.15027-G-11 "" - CA1 (E- 6) Lapa (cultivators) -200sht.1459 D CA 073615 Boroznyk (plow) -5sht.1459 I Boroznyk CA 073,616 (plow) D 073 250 Breast -5sht.1798 right blade (plow) 073,251 -8sht.1798 I left breast dump ( plow) -8sht.2328 CA 073609 field Board (Section Alkalis) -30sht.1374-16D CA 073004 ploughshare (plow) -50sht.1365 D CA 053090 Chisel left (plow) I -100sht.1365 CA 063090 chisel right (plow) -30sht.1835-D CA 073256 Breast blade (plow ) -24sht.J9 3,5 1981-15 R.B9 disc coulter J9 3.5 (steam engines) -100sht.1834-D CA 073290 / OV640000 dump (plow) -16sht. 2444-865 A12 CA1 2444865A12CA1 Ribbon (cultivators) -24sht.EN135300002 Disk NO GREAT PLAINS 107-135 S (disc coulter, drill) -400sht.EN135400001 Disk NO GREAT PLAINS 107-135 S (disc coulter, drill) -300sht.EN135300002 disk NO GREAT PLAINS 107-135 S (disc coulter, drill) -600sht.EN15400001 disc GREAT PLAINS 404-121 S (disc coulter, drill) -436sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk BELLOTA AGRISOLUTIONS, SLUTorhovelna mark BELLOTAKrayina production of ES " SPAIN ***** 17033.87 74181.8422 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 8432900000 "1 of Part C / h. Equipment: Chisel plow -100sht., Art.: Z173331; chisel plow, 100 pieces., Art.: Z173332; dump plow -16sht., Art.: Z173435; dump plow -16sht., Art .: Z173436; dump plow screw -16sht., art.: Z177425; pluhahvyntovyy dump-16sht., art.: Z177426; Coulter harrow toothed -151sht., art.: D660X60LQ041005; disc harrows than smooth -101sht., art. : D660X60DQ041005; Coulter harrow toothed -231sht., art.: D660X70LQ041005; disc than boronyhladkyy -151sht., art.: D660X70DQ041005; disc harrows than smooth -10sht., art.: D510X45LQ041006; Coulter harrow toothed -50sht., art .: D620X60DSFC047-0 2; ploughshare predpluzhnyka deposition of -10sht., art.: V-3352234; pre ploughshare Pluzhnyk deposition of -10sht., art.: V-3352235; ploughshare predpluzhnyka-50sht., art.: V-3363724; chisel plow -10sht., art.: V-3364050, chisel plow, 10pc., art.: V -3364051; Shelf (blade) predpluzhnyka -20sht., art.: V-3470601; Shelf (blade) predpluzh nick -20sht., art.: V-3470600; ploughshare plow-16sht., art.: V-3352134; ploughshare plow-16sht., art.: V-3352135, on land production - ITTorhovelna mark - OFASVyrobnyk - OFAS " ITALY ***** 14162 28752.61091 View Importer

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