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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
20/Apr/2017 3924100000 "1.Posud electrical kitchen table or plastic, round container for the freezer art.2150-288sht 0.5., Bulk tank, art.2111-maxi-1L 180sht., Art.2112-copper 0,75l -60sht .; art.2113-mini-90sht 0,50l., stand for egg-plate 1shtuka art.1221-420sht., holder of beverages in cardboard packages art.1228-100sht., Breadbasket '' mini '' art.1114-408sht., dryer salad "" mini "" art.1331-12sht. Trade mark "" MTM "". " POLAND ***** 382.35 1316.117971 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8477200000 "1. Ekstruziyniyna line mod.SXG-65 for vyrobnytstvapolietylenovyh tubular filters (komponentyyavlyayutsya All components of Ekstruziynoyiliniyi one mechanism and can not vykorystovuvatysyaokremo) PE tube extrusion line SXG-65 / Extrusion liniyamod.SXG-65 for the production of polyethylene trubchastyhfiltriv. Set lines zkladayetsya the following components: PESingle Screw Extruder model BDSJ-65/30 / OdnoshnekovyyEkstruder mod.BDSJ RE-65/30, Filter Bio-media tube Mold modelM-15 for circular filter element with diameter: 25 mm and height: 12 mm / Odnoruchna Kruhloschelova Extrusion head mod.M-15 for round filter etc. ametrom 25 mm and height 12 mm Vacuum Cooling Tank model VCW-620 / vacuum gauge Bath mod.VCW-620 Cooling Tank model CW-800 / Cooling Bath mod.CW-800 Synchronous Strap Puller model QYP-800 / fashion belt pulling device .QYP-800 Rotary knife cutter and conveyer model FC-1 / Cutting device with conveyor mod.FC-1 Automatic Loader model 300G / vacuum with avantazhuvach raw mod.300G Hopper Dryer model WSBD-75 / Dehumidifier raw mod.WSBD-75; Kit of parts comprising: Contactor / magnetic actuators Ampere meter / Ammeter Thermocouple / Thermocouple Perforated plate / perforated plate Mold heater / heater extrusion head Belt pulley for main motor / belt for the main drive of Upper and Lower Belt for Puller / upper and lower belt to which pulling device Ordinary artists blade / Average blade to cut-off devices Shaped knife / Figured than the cut-off devices Disassemble tool for screw / tool for extracting auger Standard tool box / Standard tool kit with tools for configuring line Single unit Dosing Mixer model WSVCM-20 for Color Master Batch / Odnokompon ntnyy colorant dispenser mod.WSVCM 20 -1 suite .; Trademark KINGSWEL MACHINERYVyrobnyk SHANGHAI BAOCHONG COMPLETE SETS OF PLASTICEQUIPMENT CO., LTD " CHINA 1 3200 39979.81058 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 7323930000 "1.Vyroby kitchen with stainless steel, for drying dishes, chrome. Art.AR48454K-30sht, Stand art.AR92050-120sht chrome cutlery, dishes Dryer, 34 x 34 cm art.AR48301-90sht, stand for drying dishes 48 x 30 cm art.AR48404-120sht; pidstavka for table pryboriv art.AR70823-80sht chrome, oval table for pidstavka pryboriv chrome art.AR70831-100sht, trade mark ARTEX ArtexVyrobnyk SPAKrayina production of CN. " CHINA ***** 202.28 1139.163208 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 7323990000 "1. Production of ferrous metals for use in the household, clothes dryer of 20 MC-100B -984sht, dryer of 18 MC-100APL -2484sht, Dryer dishes MC-29V 168sht, cutlery stand MC- 438 -540sht, trademark MDVyrobnyk XINHUI MINGCHENG HARDWARE mANUFACTURE LIMITED OF JIANGMEN CITYKrayina production of CN. " CHINA ***** 7015 13270.01398 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 9406008000 "1.Modulne town watch standing container fully assembled and ready to use for drilling personnel, an area 50h50m .kv., Made of kombinovanyhmateria showers, in the structure according to the plan: Module (module) povnistyuobladnanyy Susz arch for personnel: Checklist number 29 : mobile home "" Wagon dryer "" about ladnanyy mosquito net (1pc) konvekto rum 2KVT (2 pieces), b / in case (metal), bench (la minirovannnyy particle), heat gun, wetlands dovana, elektroventilyator (embedded) , ventylyatsiya.Torhovelna brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: no you danyh.Krayina obnytstva: KZ.. " KAZAKISTAN ***** 7696 10902.00357 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8479908000 "1.Chastyny ​​Adsorption dryers Compressed Air Service Kit HED / ALD / MSD0375 at 8000 hours from 12/08 including: - 1x element M0450 - 2x O-ring 125,00 X 5,00 Perbunan free of parting agent - 1x element V0450 - 2x solenoid valve SV1 1/2 BJ_8240600 - 3x muffler G1 / 2 "" Special 85 dB (A) - 1x Clutch UFM-T05 Standard + Superplus art. 1C942132-kIT 1pc., Service kit HED / ALD / MSD 0225 08 / 04 hours -in 8000, which includes: 1C120056-25 - Filterelement, PE 07/30, 25 MIC - 1 sht.1C121556 - Filterelement, MF 07/30 - 1 sht.1C302140 - Service kit, UFM-T 05 - 1 pc .1C371268-AS - O-ring 125,00 X 5,00 PERBUNAN FREE OF PARTING AGENT - sht.1C900925 2-AS - Silencer G1 / 2IN. SPECIAL 85 DB (A) - 3 sht.1C907374-AS - rem.komplekt SV1 1/2 BJ_82406 00 - 2 pcs. Art. 1C942011-KIT 1pc., Service kit HED / ALD / MSD 0150 FROM 12/08 at 8000 hours, which includes: -1x -2x filter elements V0210 Clutch solenoid valve G1 NC -2x Silencer G1 / 2 " "Special 85 dB (A) -1x Clutch UFM-T05 Standard + Superplus -2x O-ring 88,00 X 3,50 Perbunan free of parting agent -1x Element M0210 UltraPleat art. 1C942128-KIT 1pc., Trademark DonaldsonVyrobnyk production DonaldsonKrayina DE " GERMANY ***** 8.38 1421.806236 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 3924100000 1.Posud electrical table, kitchen, household goods of plastics processing board 32 x 20 sm 20 pcs., Stand for yayets- 4 sht.Torhovelna mark: The manufacturer WMF: WMF AGplyashka- 96 pcs., Whisk folding - 24 pcs., dispenser myla- 120 pcs., cutting board 38 x 21 sm 18 pcs., capacity of penzlem- 36 pcs., letter to vypichky- 32 pcs., set dividing boards 24 x 34 cm, 3 etc. - 24 pc. set dividing boards, 5 sht- 12 pc. set finishing boards (4 units) - 364 pcs., set finishing boards (4 pcs of cases) - 308 pcs., set baking dish (3 pieces) - 4 pcs., set of forms for making popkorna- 32 pcs. Organizer p 240 pieces. posudu- organizer for 232 pcs., dryer posudu- 104 pieces. yaytsevarka- 24 sht.Torhovelna mark: Joseph JosephFirma manufacturer: Joseph & Joseph Ltdkorzyna- 51 sht.Torhovelna Brand: SaleenFirma Manufacturer: Saleenkytayski palychky- 1 sht.Torhovelna brand: WMF ProfessionalFirma manufacturer: WMF AGplyashka kuhonna- 50 pcs., spatula kuhonnyy- 7 sht.Torhovelna brand: PadernoFirma manufacturer: Sambon et Paderno Industrie S. p. A.shpryts confectionery nasadkamy- 7 6 sht.Torhovelna brand: Kaiser BackformFirma Manufacturer: WFKaiser u.Co.GmbhKrayina production: CN CHINA ***** 2131.26 7672.535957 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 3924100000 "1.Posud, electrical and kitchen cutlery, plastic, container for cereals, art.021502-72sht .; oil tank, Art .: 02 1513-36sht., 02 .; 1514-96sht 02 1515-120sht., Capacity ice, art.06 1131-720sht .; tray with a lid for food, art 1013-48sht .: 02.; 02 .; 02 1047-120sht 1049-45sht., 02 1134-24sht .; 021148-45sht .; 02 1162-48sht .; 02 1164-48sht., 02 .; 1167-12sht 02 1516-24sht., 081111-24sht .; bowl, art.03 1295-240sht .; bowl to mixer, art.06 1118-48sht. , palm spoons art.04 1201-48sht .; glass, art.03 1280-144sht dryer .; dlyaposudu, art .: 04 1306-24sht., 04 1311-72sht.Torhivelna mark: HOBBY LIFE.Vyrobnyk: DEMIREL PLASTIK . Stand spoons art.TP8074-240sht .; dlyaposudu dryer, art.TP7071-150sh .Torhivelna Brand: TUPPEX.Vyrobnyk: TOPCU PLASTIK SANAYI VE DIS TICARET LTD. STI.Krayina production: TR.. " TURKEY ***** 441.43 1378.446062 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 3924100000 1.Posud electrical table, kitchen, household items from plastics venchyk- 12 pcs. Accessory holder for 6 pieces. Obrobna- board 12 pieces. Mlyntsiv- shoulder for 18 pcs., 36 pcs kuhonna- shoulder. , palm nozhiv- 4 pcs., stand haryache- 4 pcs. opolonyk- 6 sht.Torhovelna mark: The manufacturer Brabantia: Brabantia S & Lplyashka oliyi- for 48 pieces. kukurudzy- holder for 14 pcs., oil tank - 24 pcs. making salad, 2 avenue 36 pcs., dryer zeleni- 124 sht.Torhovelna brand: ZylissFirma manufacturer: DKB Household UK Limited Bridge Housekoshyk- 36 sht.Torhovelna brand: SaleenFirma manufacturer: Saleennabir hundred ovyy, 4, etc. (bowls, plate, mug, pashotnitsa) - 2 sht.Torhovelna Brand: ChurchillFirma Manufacturer: Churchill China (UK) Limitedshpatel- 1 sht.Torhovelna brand: Kaiser BackformFirma Manufacturer: WFKaiser u.Co.Gmbhderzhatel for green - 24 pcs., capacity for oil / otstu- 12 sht.Torhovelna brand: Cole & MasonFirma manufacturer: Cole & Masonkoshyk for hliba- 2 sht.Torhovelna brand: APSFirma manufacturer: Assheuer + Pott GmbH & Co.Krayina production: CN CHINA ***** 281.62 1013.831859 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 7323930000 1.Vyroby ferrous metals. Dishes and household items made of stainless steel, cork for plyashky- 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: WMFFirma manufacturer: WMF AGderzhatel for paper rushnykiv- 14 pcs. Kuhonnyy- holder 20 pcs. Dispenser for myla- 6 pcs., Board obrobna- 30 pcs. konteyner- 4 pcs., stand for kitchen pryladiv- 8 pcs., dryer bilyzny- 8 pcs., dryer bilyzny- 1 pcs. hlibnyk- 10 sht.Torhovelna brand: BrabantiaFirma manufacturer: Brabantia S & Lnabir children 7 avenue sht.Torhovelna 1 brand: Kaiser BackformFirma manufacturer: WFKaiser u.Co.Gmbhblyudo- 6 pcs. hastronomichnyy- tray 24 pieces. pidstavka- 5 sht.Torhovelna brand: APSFirma Production: A ssheuer + Pott GmbH & Co.Krayina production: CN. CHINA ***** 123.89 479.4543231 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 8419310000 "1.Zernosusharka streaming type RAVARO designed for drying grain crops (performance-302,4t / day sunflower density 0,40t / m3 humidity in vhodi12% humidity output 8% (12,6t / hr.) E lektrychnoyu power 39,9kVt. Bezhazovoho burner and system heat rekuper ted for compatibility with alternative sources tepla.Ne includes radio, comes in a partial state orozibranomu for easy transp ortuvannya: RAVARO C440 model -1sht.Skladayetsya of: 1 pc. - Susharna mine type 4 RC 2/9/2 a PN. Capacity 30.8 tonysonyashnyku. This mine, except the base is made of a wildebeest wrong sheet steel, galvanized alyuts Inkom. Internal ducts made of steel Korten.Verhni two rows of channels - not defend lining made of galvanized steel. Sushylnashahta consists of: - 2 silage (buffer) sections, - 9 drying sections of ductwork, steel Cor -Ten 2 mm - cooling section 2. 2 sht.- auger conveyor, diameter 2 50 mm, 820 mm dovzhynoyu4 runs in Eid gear motor for 2.2 W IP 55.Nyzhni shnekovyytransporter and unloading of gear browsing Onan in oil bath. 1 piece -pnevmatychnyy nyzhnoh mechanism for unloading grain at the mine and dryer. 1pc. - Air compressor. 2 pcs. - Electric axis tylyator main veins, current capacity to 82,000 cubic meters / year; mounted on the shaft dvyhunapotuzhnistyu 15 kW with IP 55. 2 - Gates protypylovi for electric electro ventylyatorivz man agement. 1 alone. - Interim dlyashahty technical platform, with the base and side of the protective horodzhennyam. Fastened on the tumble mines i.Vykonanyy of galvanized material. 1 alone. - Top technical platform fo yavezhi and conveyors. Mounted on Susz ylniy mine. Made of galvanized material. 1 alone. - Stairs to enter the site and completed with a zahysnymyohorodzhennyam. Made of galvanized material. Insulation - zernosusharkazahyschena 40 mm and / or 30 mm insulation mats, sealed letters and schohalvanizovani lyutsynkom. 1 pc - gauge the presence of grain, set Lena vnyzupislya pneumatic mechanism in unloading grain, 3 pcs - datchykyprysutnosti grain, stand vleni top of the buffer (silage) Section x 1 pc -datchyk temperature set in the burner chamber to measure temp aturyharyachoho air 1 unit - a temperature sensor mounted to osnovnymyventylyatoramy tion for measuring the temperature of the exhaust air, I, 4 pcs -datchyky temperature set in the drying mine. 1 pc. - Elektrychnakontrolna panel with PLC and touch screen, able to manage and kontrolyuvatyprotses drying. The panel is made in a closet, under current regulations prostupin protection IP 54.Vyrobnyk: Ravaro SrlTorhovelna Brand: Ravaro.Krayina production: IT. " ITALY ***** 20520 317763.9838 View Importer

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