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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 3002109900 1. Medical product. Sets of diagnostic reagents, active ingredients which yemodyfi forged immunological produkty.7022 PTH ELISA - 1 nab.7023 / ACTH ELISA nab.7024 -4 / -55 nab.7025 Calcitonin ELISA / EIA kit reagents human erythropoietin in serum -1 nab. 7193 / diagnostic kit for the detection of antibodies to food allergens 90 human serum, ELISA, which controls takalibratory, comprising the reagents manufactured from human serum - 200nab.1006-15 one-step test for H. Pylori antigen in samples stool - 270 nab. . UNITED STATES ***** 324 36490 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 3002109100 1.Reahenty diagnostic or laboratory chorionic honadotropinalyudyny Definition Definition of adrenocorticotropic hormone 200T Androstenedion 200TVyznachennya alpha-fetoprotein 200T Cancer Antigen CA15-3 antigen 200TRakovo 200T set to determine hCG and beta-hCG 200testivNabir to determine hCG and beta-hCG test 600 Determination of calcitonin 200TKortizol 200T C-reactive protein 200T Tests for the determination of D-dimer 200T Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate 200T Estradiol 200T Determination of cationic prorotein eosinophils 200T Erythropoietin Free T3 200T T3 avail Vyznachennyaferitinu 600T 200T 200T Definition of follicle stimulating hormone Vyznachennyafolikulostymulyuyuchoho Free T4 hormone 600T 200T 600T OnkomarkerCA19-9 Free T4 kit for determining HBsAg Homotsestyn 200T 200T Definition zahalnohohemohlobina Lyuteinziruyuchyy hormone 200T Cancer Antigen Test vyznachennyaasotsiyovanoho pregnancy plasma protein A 200T 200T C-peptide specific Vyznachennyaprostatychnoho Antigen of 3rd generation 200T Definition of paratyroid hormone 200T Prolactin 200T Prolactin 600T Determination of prostatic specific antigen of 3rd ge eratsiyi 200T Progesterone 200T Progesterone 600T Tireotropnyy hormon600T Igg antyteila to rubella virus 200T Definition globulin zvyazuyestatevi hormones 200T Definition triiodothyronine T3 200T Thyroxine T4 200TAutoantytila to thyroglobulin 200T Troponin 200T autoantibodies to peroksydazutireotsytiv 200T Definition prostate specific antigen 3yi generation 200TVyznachennya prostate specific antigen 3yi generate 600T Total testosterone 200T Tireoglobulin 200T Determination of free estriol Solvent 25 ml Definition of adrenocorticotropic hormone 100T Im olohiya Vyznachennyaalfa 100T 100T-fetoprotein Determination of free b-subunit of human horionichnohohenadotropina Carbamazepine 100T 100T 100T Definition horionichnohohonadotropina human 100T cortisol dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate 100TEstradiol Free T3 100T Definition of Follicle Stimulating Hormone 100T 100T VilnyyT4 Definition H.Pylori ing semi-100T zahalnohohemohlobina Determination Determination of insulin hormone Lyuteinziruyuchyy 100T 100T Test On the determination of plasma protein associated with pregnancy A 100T C-peptide 100T Definition of prostatic specificity tion antigen 3yi generate 100T Vyznachennyaparatyreodnoho hormone 100T prolactin 100T Definition prostate spetsyfichnohoantyhena 3yi generate 100T set to determine progesterone Vyznachennyatyreotropnoho hormone 3yi generate 500T IgG antyteila to rubella virus 100TVyznachennya globulin zvyazuye hormones 100T Definition tryyodtyroninu100T Thyroxine T4 100T Troponin 100T antibodies to peroxidase tireotsytiv 100TVyznachennya Thyrotropic hormone of the 3rd generation 500T Total testosterone 100T Definition of tireoglobulin 100T A set for the determination of freestrioluNekonyuhirovanyy estriol 100T set to determine ESR peptide hormone Vyznachennyatyreotropnoho 3yi generation 100TTorhovelna Brand: SiemensKrayina production UNITED KINGDOM ***** 232.504 39795.88881 View Importer

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