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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
20/Apr/2017 8479810000 "1.Skladova ob'yektuAvtomatychna complete line of hot dip galvanizing consisting of: poz.6" "Furnace for horyacheho tsynkovanyya + air lines otvodyaschyh pro" ": Ceramic PLASTЫ FIBER" "UNI" "RAZM. Everyone. 1200h1000h50mm -21shtPLASTЫ Ceramic FIBER '' UNI "" 250 HT RAZM. everyone. 1200h1000h50mm -20shtSLOY Ceramic FIBER "" DURABLANKET "" S96 RAZM. everyone. 3660h610h50mm -3shtPLASTЫ Ceramic FIBER '' UNI ' "250 HT RAZM. everyone. 1200h1000h40mm -16shtSLOY Ceramic FIBER" "DURABLANKET" "S96 RAZM. everyone. 7300h610h25mm -8shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -182shtPROSLOYKY Ceramic FIBER UNI 60L K RT RAZM. 220h110h60mm everyone. -53shtOHNEUPORNЫE module RAZM ST. everyone. 500h500h60mm -7shtTsEMENT "" BLAKBOND "" dwell in 25 kg everyone. -200khYZOLYRUYuSchYY PRYAMOUHOLNЫY bricks ISO 450 RT RAZM. Everyone. 1200h1000h40mm -201shtBETON NEYZOLYRUYUSCHYY HRANULYROVANNЫY "" CAST "" R40 dwell in the 25 kg everyone. -1600khBETON NEYZOLYRUYUSCHYY HRANULYROVANNЫY "" CAST "" R40 dwell in the 25 kg KAZHD.-800khVENTYLYaTOR supercharged air HORENYYA FOR TYPE VG560 / NR2, head. Number F16012820, POWER 5.5 kW, 2940 Frequency rotation Equi. / Myn.-1shtDЫMOSOS VSASЫVANYYA DЫMOV HORENYYA MOU. RU450SVT3, head. Number 10 / 16-07832-001, power 7.5 kW, 2900 Frequency rotation Equi. / Min. -1shtЭLEKTROSchYTOK CONTROL Furnace -2shtSERVOPRYVOD IC20T BVA 150 -1shtMANOMETR KNOPOCHNЫY -1shtDATChYK MYNYMALNOHO pressure "" DUNGS "" -1shtKLAPAN regulator pressure hose GIK25R02 -6shtHYBKYY gas burner K -6shtShAROVЫY CRANE RAZM. 1 "" -6shtPREDOHRANYTELNЫY Gas valves EM VMR-3 RAZM. 1 "" -1shtTERMOPARA TYPE K L = 500mm -2shtTERMOPAR TYPE K L = 300mm -2shtPREOBRAZOVATEL KAMERЫ pressure inside the combustion air -1shtKLAPAN innings HORENYYA VF7SL4 -6shtHYBKYY air hose washers K -6shtMERNAYa burner air HORENYYA 20POP.S DN65 -6shtЭLEKTROSchYT CONTROL Furnace HORYACHEHO TSYNKOVANYYA -1shtAVTOMATYChESKYY Gates OTSECHENYYA DЫMOV combustion furnace -4shtTEPLOHENERATOR in set C Gas-fired HORELKOY And Ust VSASЫVANYYA air -1shtTERMOPARA, SOHNUTAYA Under UHLOM 90 deg FOR ZAMERA t melt zinc -1shtSERVOPRYVOD electric gate OTSECHENYYA CONTROL HA OJ MOD.4501 pipe -1shtZhELEZNЫY 1.1 / 2 "" C REZBOY ON -2sht a single end flange HOMUTOVЫY 3 "" 90 degrees DN80 -6shtOTVOD 1.1 / 2x3 '' DN40 -3shtPEREHODNYK KONTSENTRYCHESKYY -1shtShAROVOY Brass CRANE 1.1 / 2 "" C TEFLONOVЫM seal -1shtShAROVOY CRANE DN20-4shtZhELEZNЫY flange DN65 flange -6shtOTVOD C 3 "" -6shtT-shaped OTVOD 2.5 "" -1shtREZBOVAYa pins L = 1000mm mounting -3sht KIT Nuts And Bolts -1shtpoz.16 "" Stroytelnыe Constructions for furnace-type base beams , sheets, sheets Metallic FOR False premises of furnace -1shtMETALLYChESKYE sheets FOR False premises of metal furnace -1shtTORTsEVAYa PANEL Frame furnace C in set 3 pcs. And burner futerovkoj IZ Ceramic -1shtTORTsEVAYa FIBER PANEL METALLOKARKASA furnace in a set " ITALY ***** 17302 111280.2305 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 590900 1. Humanitarian aid, fire hose, b / - 12sht.Znos goods is less than 25%. . CANADA ***** 54 **** View Importer
10/Apr/2017 4009410000 1.Trubky of vulcanized rubber, reinforced plastic materials, without fittings, for industrial humidifiers, steam hose (in meters) dia. = 30mm art.1312365AHH -3m. steam hose (in meters) Bar 15 dia. = 9,5mm art. 1312368AHH -3m.parovyy hose (in meters) Bar 15 dia. = 9,5mm art. 1312368AHH -3m. steam hose (in meters) dia. = 40mm art. 1312367AHH -3m. Do not include in its composition peredavachiabo transmitters and receivers, non-security, fire system.Torhovelna Brand: CarelKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Carel Industries SpA. ITALY ***** 3.6 207.4827996 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 5909001010 "1. Fire hoses with synthetic fibers: Fire hose in rolls of 20 m., Without fittings, -100sht, fire hose in rolls of 30m., Without fittings, -67sht, fire hoses in rolls of 20m., Without fittings, -20sht, fire hoses vrulonah to 30m., without fittings, -14sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - not zaznachenoVyrobnyk - NINGBO GLOBECARVE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.. " CHINA ***** 2718 6088.31988 View Importer
07/Apr/2017 4009110000 "1. Pipes vulcanized rubber nezatverdiloyi no fittings, not reinforced nekombinovani and other materials: rubber hose Art. 514673 -1sht. Shlanhabrazyvostiykyy Art. 514674 -1sht. Hose thermostat Ref. 514675 -1sht. Shlanhperehidnyy 3 '' x 2.5 '' art. 514676 -1sht. sleeve vent 5/16 '' x 36.5 '' art.514678 -1sht. Purpose: spare parts for fire protection vyrobiv.Torhovelna brand: PATTERSONKrayina production: IEVyrobnyk: PATTERSON PUMP IRELAND LIMITED. " IRELAND ***** 3.7 257.4666445 View Importer
07/Apr/2017 8414102500 1. Fire vacuum pump 01Э ABC - 5. Rotary with sliding blades, designed to create the inner cavity of suction hoses and fire pumps dilution required to fill them with water when using fire trucks with water vidkrityh. The diameter of the input / output - 15 mm, max. capacity - 10 l / s (36 m3 / h) limit the vacuum created by the pump - 10-15 kPa nominal voltage - 12 V, drive - elektrodvyhun.Zavodski №№ 18938, 18939, 18940, 18942, 18943.Vyrobnyk: Pozhhydravlyka. Trademark: USPTK Pozhhydravlyka. . RUSSIA 5 90 5895.166722 View Importer
04/Apr/2017 8205600000 "1.Instrumenty hand, of base metal not containing precious stones -pryrodnyh or artificial diamonds, Blow torch, designed for high temperature flame using the gas mixture used for soldering, thermal and other types of work: -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Metal Gas Pen KTS-2101 -60 pieces; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Hestia-M KT-2603M -20 pieces; -BBQ / Gas Grill Kovea Slim gas barbecue grill TKG-9608-T -5 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Cyclone Propane KT-2906 -60 pieces; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Multi Purpose Torch TKT-9607 -210 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Canon KT-2408 -200 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Cyclone butane KT -2,904 -60 pcs; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Hose Pen KT-2202 -30 pieces; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Rocket-1 KT-2008-1 -250 units; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Fire Bird KT-2511 -30 pc; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Cook Master KT-2912 -60 pc; -Torch / Gas cutter Kovea Twin Brazing KT-2108 -60 pieces, brand - "" Kovea ""; Producer - "" KOVEA CO., LTD. " ", Country of origin -" "KR" "." KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 220.93 577.6498994 View Importer

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