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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 8536700000 "1. Connectors for optical fibers, fiber optic wires or cables for voltages not exceeding 1000 V ;: Fiber optic couplings and boxes in the assembled state. FTTH, PON, telecommunication, local area networks, for air lines, for laying in the ground , Gaskets in cableconnalization, connection and switching of fiber optic cables, as well as formechanical protection of welded joints. They do not contain electrical components, boards and chips. The GJS-5002 design features: one 037 # wall mounting tray, SC adapter - 40 pcs. GJS-6005 constructive person T-shirt: two 034 # tray 48 fiber reinforcements on a bench - 40 pcs. GJS-5006 design features: single 023 # tray 12 fiberboard SC adapter panel for 12 ports mounting on a bar -60 pcs. GJS-6006 design features: two 023 # tray GJS-6007 design features: two 024 # mounting tray on a bench, with grounding - 20 pieces. GJS-9001 design features: two 037 # tray 48wool fixing on a stand - 60 pcs. GJS-7001 design features: two 032 # tray 48 fibers, a heat shrink tube - 60 pcs. GP-B distribution box 12volokon-200pcs.GP-A distribution box 24 fibers-100pcs. GP-C Distribution box 8filter adapter SC-20pcs. GP-D Distribution box 24 fiber adapters boardSC-20pcs.Shipped from the container TGBU5150502. Producer-Ningbo Zhantong Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.Ningbo Brand Name Zhantong Telecom Eguipment. " CHINA ***** 837.3 5418.433409 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3917320090 1.Hnuchki tube made of plastic (tubular insulators) without fittings, not to work under pressure, used in coaxial cable for grouping individual wires in zhhuty and protect the cables from external damage: art.ATUM-8 / 2-0-STK, Heat Shrink Tubing ATM-8 / 2-0-STK - 8 sht.Vyrobnyk TETorhova mark TEKrayina production US. UNITED STATES ***** 0.2 36.89741575 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8516802090 "1-resistance heating elements mounted with isolated frame for electric industrial cameras used for thermal processing shrink tube voltage of 230V, power 460Vt: art.342551-HOD module with a tungsten heating coil, metal case -7sht,. " HUNGARY ***** 4.221 984.7630561 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3917320090 "1.Hnuchki tube made of plastic (tubular insulators) without fittings, not to work under pressure, used in coaxial cable for grouping individual wires in zhhuty and protect the cables from external damage: art.FIT75012BK105 5" "Heat Shrink Tubing FIT75012BK - 8 sht.Vyrobnyk Alpha Alpha brand WireTorhova production WireKrayina US. " UNITED STATES ***** 0.85 160.6929007 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8543709000 1. Electric automatic machine for putting on shoe covers with plastic film: - Shoe Cover Machine XT-46 (C) - 50 shtPryntsyp steps by electric heating heat shrinkable plivky.Torhovelna Brand: QuenVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Quen Technology Co., Ltd Country of origin: CN. CHINA ***** 1050 8400.000181 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 3917400090 "1.Mufta termousadcha polyethylene, used as a fitting for connecting pipes of heating premises: Shrinkable Casing D-110 L-500 (diameter - 110 mm, length - 500 mm); Shrinkable Casing D-125 L-500 (diameter - 125mm length - 500mm); Shrinkable Casing D-140 L-500 (diameter - 140mm length - 500mm); Shrinkable Casing D-160 L-500 (diameter - 160mm length - 500mm); Shrinkable Casing D-200 L- 500 (diameter - 200 mm, length - 500 mm); Shrinkable Casing D-225 L-500 (diameter - 225mm length - 500mm); Shrinkable Casing D-250 L-500 (diameter - 250mm length - 500mm); Shrinkable Casing D -315 L-500 (diameter - 315mm length - 500mm); Shrinkable Casing D-400 L-500 (diameter - 400mm length - 500mm). ". BELARUS ***** 18.5 235.3108866 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 9025198098 1.Strichka heating (meter running) art.C016916-4metry.Yavlyaye a resistance heating element 1kW power and operating voltage of 48V, which is used for soldering shrink plastic film machine COMBI-PAL 2000.Vyrobnyk: Thimon SAStorhivelna Brand: Thimonkrayina production: FR. JAPAN 2 0.065 25.7462935 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 8708923590 "1.Konveyerna tape width - 880mm. Length - 1280 mm brand - ONDUBANDE. Model: 4-1-5-1. It is used for moving bottles contour lines for packaging bottles in shrink material.Rozmir: 880h1280mm Material: heat-resistant stainless steel. art.90332000825 - 4 pieces, conveyor belt width of 680mm. Length - 1280 mm brand - ONDUBANDE. Model: 4-1-5-1. It is used for moving bottles contour lines for packaging bottles in shrink material. Size 680X1280 mm. material: Heat-resistant stainless stalart.90332000824 - 5 units; Supplier: TISSMETAL, trade mark, pro ONDUBANDE.Krayina and: EU. " CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 4.28 76.09496655 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 4010390000 "1.Plodove puree without heat treatment, frozen, not containing sugar: art. L1396 Mango - 142 boxes, art. L1398 with passion fruit - 175 boxes, Shrink Plastic containers 1 kg and 6 pieces in a box. Trademark" "CROP'S" ". Brand" "CROP'S FRUITS NV" ". Country of origin - BE.." GERMANY ***** 0.728 46.72877269 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 8508190000 "1.Plodove puree without heat treatment, frozen, with a sugar content of 10%: art. L1391 blackberry - 6 boxes, art. L7154 black currant - 35 boxes; art. L1462 with raspberries - 34 boxes; art. L7138 from melon - 6 boxes, Shrink plastic containers 1 kg and 6 pieces in a box. The trade mark "" CROP'S "". brand "" CROP'S FRUITS NV "". Country of origin - BE.. " VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF 890 7240 40709.99986 View Importer
22/Apr/2017 8307100090 "1.Truby flexible with steel, pipe compensator welded pipes with HLS-50 BKB, layer, art.MME73000015 size: diameter DN15, length 260mm diameter DN20, length 260mm, size: diameter of DN25, length 285mm diameter DN32, length 320mm DN40 diameter, 320mm length diameter DN50, length 320mm, .MME73000065 size: diameter DN65, length 320mm DN80 diameter, 320mm length diameter DN100, length 330mm 5sht.Material-making: Stainless steel AISI 321 stainless steel, housing material and workmanship: aluminum, internal screen: carbon steel St37,2, weighing course: 50 (-45 / + 5) mm, connection type, welded patrubkytysk: 16PN (16 kg / cm2) Temperature: 100 ° S.Yavlyayut a solid metal shell, bellows, may zhybatys, stretch and shrink under the influence of internal and external factors. Vibration hydro avlichnyy kick strain - types of loads that are compensated according to kompensatoramy.Zastosovuyutsya vertical pipe joints in heating systems tall buildings, systems, hot and cold drink water ing, both offsetting and absorbing mounting element different temperature deformations and noise that occur in pipelines transporting hot and cold environment. Torhovlna mark HELS.Vyronyk HELS ENDUSTRIYEL MAMULLER SAN TIC. LTD. STI.Krayina production TR. " TURKEY ***** 1250 17889.62061 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8544429098 1.Shynoprovid EAE and KAR Group QAM used in buildings, where applicable power consumption 25-63 A. busbar KAM designed to power the lighting via plug otvetvyteley.Shynoprovid KAR used for the purposes of energy distribution to devices with small loads, such as sewing machine. Build straight sections of the line carried one directed to each other advance, followed by mechanical fixing due to electrical z'yednuvan with spring contacts. Bus conductors along the entire length covered with heat-resistant insulating material. Contacts groove boxes are made as forky spring. In the bus QAM / CAR springs compress data conductor system storin.Shynoprovody two QAM / CAR manufactured using the latest technology in the world according to ISO 9000 for a documented quality system. Products designed and tested to IEC 60439-2.Korpus manufactured using pre-galvanized steel sheet metal, which provides essential grounding. Case line provides very high mechanical strength, particularly suitable for industrial applications and use in severe climatic conditions. Leaders in electrolytic copper, tinned and izolovani.Postachayutsya for installation on sewing production disassembled vyhlyadi.Kabeli for busbars 4 * 6 * 10 KABEL4 NYY NYY NYM KABEL4 * 2.5 KABEL16 KABELKabel supplied in coils, black and gray 8 small and 1 large . The cable is designed for installation on busbars kompleksi.Postachayetya disassembled packed in cardboard boxes, on pallets, wrapped in shrink wrap. Assembled all positions poperednozmontovani and are installed busbar. TURKEY ***** 2202.34 21208.09463 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 304860000 "1.File herring (Clupea Harengus), (Frozen Herring Flaps) c / m, skin bezkistok without fins, not subjected to heat treatment, salt, spices and additives inshyhharchovyh. Size: 5.8 units / kg. Shrink 10 village. pal. kart.korobiv in 510. net weight: 13260.00 kg. Shelf life 24 months. Date vyhotovlennya12 / 2016, Producer: "" HB Grandi hf. "" a-456. a-480. a-481. A-478.Krayina production - IS.. " ICELAND ***** 13260 23953.06806 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 3917320090 1.Hnuchki tube made of plastic (tubular insulators) without fittings, not to work under pressure, used in coaxial cable for grouping individual wires in zhhuty and protect the cables from external damage: art.ATUM-8 / 2-0-STK, Heat Shrink Tubing ATM-8 / 2-0-STK - 4 fut.Vyrobnyk TETorhova mark TEKrayina production US. UNITED STATES ***** 0.02 45.8818646 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 303899000 "Fish Frozen Sea: Red Cod carcass without the head, patrana with tail kind (Pseudophycis bachus): dimensional number 500-800 gr. / Unit (M) - 2040,00 kg - 85 korobky.rozmirnyy number of 400-530 grams. / unit (G3) - 1008,00 kg - 63 korobky.rozmirnyy number 530-800 gr. / unit (G2) - 2000,00 kg - 125 korobky.rozmirnyy number 850-1300 gr. / pcs (L) - 240 00 kg - 10 korobiv.Data production - from June to September 2016, 24 months Shelf, storage and transport temperature: -18 ° Tselsiya.Ryba without sugar, salt and pepper, heat treatment without heat, without canning. Suitable for human consumption. The consistency is firm, Mr. overhnya fish clean, natural color, without ushkodzhen.Zapah inherent in fresh fish, without foreign flavors. tastes and smells vidsutni.Markuvannya indicating: product name, country of origin, manufacturer, weight, date of manufacture, shelf life, storage temperature. Shrink in cartons in 16,00; 24,00 kg. boxes weighing. contains HMO.Chysta is weight - 528 8.00 kh.Torhivelna mark no data. Manufacturer: MARINE FOODS LIMITED - PH251, Tomi Maru No 87; L62914, Mainstream; L8090,701 Dong Won, new production Zelandiya.Krayina NZ. " NEW ZEALAND ***** 5288 8460.800018 View Importer

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