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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 8418690090 1. Freezing Equipment for catering: Machine for making soft ice cream and yogurt Softi AR. Case: stainless steel. Capacity: 28 l / h. 2 kinds of ice cream + 1miks. Bunker 2 x 6 liters capacity. Digital display. Digital programming from 1 to 20 degrees of softness. Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz. Connecting to a standard electric. MAX outlet 220V Power: 2.0 kW. Dimensions: 880 x 518 x 860 mm. art.- 40,115 -2sht.Lodohenerator 26 kg / 24 hr. The body is made of stainless steel. Dimensions: 420 x 528 x 655 mm. Capacity: 26 kg / 24 hr. The shape of cubes, cone-shaped 28 x 40 mm. Ice tank 6 kg. Total capacity: 220 W / 220 V. The presence of water filters. art.- EMK2624 -1sht., contains no ozone-depleting substances and radio equipment (transmitter or transmitter and receiver) in its composition. . CHINA ***** 281 4808.463778 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 8509800000 "1.Elektrychni machines with built-in electric motor: Ice cream" "SELECLINE" ", art.zamovnyka: 387550, only 4 pieces. Country of CNTorhovelna mark SELECLINEVyrobnyk Foshan Shunde Kidy Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.." CHINA ***** 11.69 62.09823636 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8509900090 "1.Chastyny ​​elektromehanichnoyipobutovoyi machines with integrated motor can not vykorystovuvatysokremo: cutting nozzle kubykamyna Chef kitchen machine series Sensemodel KAX400PL art.AW20010009-15sht; -pres nozzle for berries on kitchen Chef Sense mashynyseriyi model KAX644ME art.AW20011009-70sht; nozzle rozkatkytista machine on the kitchen Chef series model KAX970ME Sense art.AW20011013-12sht; nozzle bowl stainless steel th volume 4,6l for kitchen machines t.m.KENWOOD model series Chef Sense KAT530SS art.AW2 0011019-10sht; Attachment -sklyanyy resistant blender with a spatula to mix ents model KAH3 58GL art. AW22000002-16sht; nozzle for making ice cream for kitchen machines Major AT957A art.AWAT957B01-5sht model, a set Nozzles for kuh. Harvester attachment of rolling dough (AT970A), nozzle when cooking pasta TAGLIATELLE (AT971A) , nozzle cooki otuvannya pasta SPAGHETTI (AT974A) art.AWMA830001-4sht model MA830, trade mark: Kenwood; you robnyk: Kenwood Limited; Country of origin: CN " CHINA ***** 194.92 3926.59762 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8509400000 "1. Machinery household electric zvmontovanymy: Combine Kuhonnamashyna-1000W power, ob'yemchashi stainless steel 4,3l, 9nasadok, all-metal model KHH326WHart.0W20010001-16sht, Kitchen mashynapotuzhnistyu 1500-1700Vt volume 6,7l steel bowls znerzhaviyuchoyi + 4,6l, zminnashvydkist, korpusametal material / plastic model KVL8470S KM art.0W20011157-14sht; Submersible hand blender, power 800W, volume measuring cup 0.75 l and 0.5 l Cutter, a set of interchangeable nozzles, plastic housing, white Model b HDP408WH art.0W22110001-180sht, Blender 800W power, volume of glass bowls 2l, variable speed + pulse, body plastic, white model B LP600WH art.0W22310004-15sht, Blender 800W power, volume of glass bowl 2l, white model BLP402WH art. 0W22310019-10sht; t Blender 350V power, volume cup 1L, 2 speed + pulse, compact chopper, color white BL237WG art.0W22310049-17sht second model, hand mixer capacity 350Vt 5 fast pulse rectification + ny mode, white model HM620 art.0WHM620002-12sht; Apparatus for ice cream without holodohenu, power 6 W, the volume of the cup 1, 5l model IM280 art.0WIM280002-2sht; Elektrom'yasorubka power 1600W, 1 w vydkist, performance 2 kg / min Reverse function, 3 steel lattice nozzles for ovbasok and Kebbi, container nozzles, metal building model MG515 art.0WMG51 5006-168sht; Elektrom'yasorubka 1600W power, 1 speed, performance 2 kg / min Reverse function, steel grating 3, 4 nozzles Turk, container nozzles, co rpus metal model MG516 art. 0WMG516002-20sht; Trade mark: Kenwood; Manufacturer: Kenwood Limited; Country of origin: CN " CHINA 454 1970.06 28998.37825 View Importer

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