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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
13/Apr/2017 3004900000 "1.Veterynarni preparations for terapevtych tion or prophylactic use, put up for retail torhivli.Rolenol Klozantel (Rolenol closantel) -in '' yektsiynyy solution protyparazytnyy agent based on active ingredient per 1 ml product: klozantel- 50mh.Dlya mature and advanced treatment larval forms in cattle ovets.Prozoryy solution koloru.200 thick yellow glass. bottles of 250 ml in 10 karton.korobkah / 98.0 kg net with pervyn.pakuv.Partiya K-004 (klozantel 96.15%). The term passed 02.2022r.Promektyn ivermectin (Promectine ivermectina 1%) - solution fo so I "" Anti injection action on the basis of 1 ml: ivermectin 10mg. Anti action against larvae and mature. Prevention and treatment of cattle and sheep. The solution is light yellow koloru.120 plastic. vials of 50 ml in 2 cardboard. 8,40kh boxes with net pr. pakuv.Partiya J-005 (98.43% ivermectin). Shelf life 07.2019p.100 plastic. bottles of 500 ml in 10 cardboard. box x / 64kh net of pr. pakuv.Partiya K-002 (99.12% ivermectin). Shelf life 02.2020p.Ainil (Ainil) -rozchyn for other "" injection based on propionic acid (1 ml of the drug contains the active ingredient, ketoprofen 100ml) Anti-inflammatory analgesic for treating inflammation in cattle, horses and svyney.Prozoryy solution. 500 vials made of glass of 250 ml in 25 kart.korobok. / 245,00 kg net of pervyn.pakuv. Party J-016 (95.64% ketoprofen). Shelf life 09.2018r. Halapan (Galapan) - a solution for other '' injection contains the active ingredient d - kloprostenol (in the form of sodium salt) -75mkh 1 ml preparatu.Hinekolohichnyy drug for regulating playback of mares, cows, svynomatok.Prozoryy rozchyn.20 cards. korobochek 5 vials of 20 ml karton.korobah 5/6 kg pervyn.pakuv.Partiya J-003 (kloprostenolu 100.83%). Shelf life 09.2018r.Zynaprym (Zinaprim) - powder for oral administration of bactericidal action contains the active ingredients in the drug 1g, sulfametazyn 200 mg, 40 mg trimethoprim. Small white-yellow powder koloru.204 containers made of polyethylene in 1 kg 17 kg 210.12 karton.korobah.Vaha net of pervyn.pakuv.Partiya K-001 (100.28% sulfametazyn, trimethoprim 99.74%). Shelf life 02.2022r.Espakoks 5% (Espacox 5%) - oral suspension, 1 ml of the drug contains the active substance: toltrazuryl - 50 mg. Used for the prevention and treatment eymerioziv cattle (calves), swine (pigs), sheep (lambs). The suspension is white or white-yellow. 100 poliet.flakoniv by 1L-10 cardboard boxes. 100.00l / 121kh net of pervyn.pakuv.Partiya H-008 (toltrazuryl - meets 95-105%). Shelf life 01.2020r.Partiya J-003 (toltrazuryl - 97.55%). Shelf life 11.2021r.100 poliet.flakoniv to 250 ml, 5 cardboard boxes. 47kh net of pervyn.pakuv.Partiya J-002 (toltrazuryl - 98.07%). Shelf life 02.2021r.Vyrobnyk "" invest Veterinary Medicine Industrial, SA. "" Country of origin: ES.Torhivelna mark: I ' SPAIN ***** 799.52 18031.25734 View Importer

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