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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
08/Apr/2017 603198090 1.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -Allium gladiator / 90 cm alium -60sht.-Allium gladiator / 90 cm alium -60sht.-Alstro berlin / 80 cm Alstroemeria -80sht.-Alstro berlin / 80 cm Alstroemeria -80sht.-Alstro granada / 80 cm Alstroemeria 300sht.-Alstro kurosawa / 80 cm Alstroemeria 10sht.-Alstro mix in bucket / 60 cm Alstroemeria 100sht.-Alstro primadonna / 80 cm Alstroemeria 10sht.- Alstro virginia / 80 cm Alstroemeria 30sht.-amaryllis hippeastrum Minerva / 75 cm Amarilis -30sht.-amaryllis hippeastrum Mont Blanc / Amarilis 70 cm -36sht.-ANTH ACROPOLIS / cm Anthurium -24sht.-ANTH TROPICAL / cm Anthurium -12sht. -Anthurium midori / cm Anthurium -24sht.-Anthurium tropical / cm Anthurium -32sht.-calla zantedeschia Crystal Blush / Kalle and 70 cm -30sht.-Chamelaucium crystal pearl / hamelautsium 70 cm -75sht.-Chamelaucium eve / hamelautsium 60 cm 125sht.-Chamelaucium ivory pearl / hamelautsium 80 cm -400sht.-Chamelaucium mercury / hamelautsium 40 cm 45sht.-Chamelaucium mercury / hamelautsium 40 cm 45sht.-Chamelaucium pink gracia / hamelautsium 70 cm -75sht.-EUS G ROSI LAVENDER / eustoma 75 cm 290sht.-Freesia en mix Akerboom / 50 cm freesia 100sht.-Freesia en mix Akerboom / Freesia 50 cm 100sht.-GE GR OP RIJ GEMENGD / 45 cm gerbera 100sht.-GE MI OP RIJ GEMENGD / 45 cm gerbera 360sht.-GE MI OP RIJ GEMENGD / 50 cm gerbera 60sht.-gerbera diamond mont blanc / 70 cm gerbera -45sht.-gerbera mix op rij / 45 cm gerbera 200sht.-gerbera mixed on row / 45 cm gerbera 150sht.-gerbera Swanlake / 45 cm gerbera -50sht.-Germini Albino / 45 cm gerbera -180sht. -Germini cafe / gerbera 50 cm -320sht.-Germini gem on row / 45 cm gerbera 120sht.-Germini gem on row / 45 cm gerbera 120sht.-Germini Husky / 45 cm gerbera -60sht.-Germini Husky / 45 cm gerbera -60sht.- Germini Kimsey / 45 cm gerbera -180sht.-Germini mix op rij / 45 cm gerbera 240sht.-Germini Suri / 45 cm gerbera -240sht.-Gyps xlence / gypsophila 75 cm -100sht.-Gyps xlence / gypsophila 60 cm -1200sht .-Gypso mixed / gypsophila 80 cm -5675sht.-gypsophila million stars / gypsophila 60 cm -500sht.-gypsophila Overtime / gypsophila 75 cm 250sht.-gypsophila Pearl Blossom / gypsophila 80 cm -100sht.-gypsophila Pearl Blossom / 75 gypsophila cm -300sht.-gypsophila Xlence / gypsophila 70 cm 500sht.-gypsophila Xlence / gypsophila 60 cm 400sht.-gypsophila Zinzi Discovery / gypsophila 60 cm -600sht.-Gypsophyla mirabella / gypsophila 85 cm 100sht.-Gypsophyla mirabella / ipsofila 85 cm 50sht.-Gypsophyla mirabella / gypsophila 75 cm 1600sht.-Gypsophyla mirabella / gypsophila 75 cm 100sht.-Helianthus orange small / sunflower 65 cm 10sht.-Hippeastrum ferrari / 70 cm Hippeastrum, Hippeastrum 60sht. ferrari / 70 cm Hippeastrum 15sht.-Hydrangea pastel light pink / hydrangea 60 cm -10sht.-Hydrangea pastel light pink / 50cm hydrangea Hydrangea -10sht.-schneeball / hydrangea 50 cm 20sht.-schneeball Hydrangea / Hydrangea 50 cm-10pc .-Hydrangea verena / hydrangea 50 cm -60sht.-Hypericum coco diablo spray / hiperikum 50 cm -80sht.-Hypericum coco diablo spray / hiperikum 50 cm -80sht.-Hypericum Coco Uno / hiperikum 70 cm 50sht.-Hypericum Coco Uno / hiperikum 70 cm 50sht.-Hypericum Fire Flair / hiperikum 70 cm 400sht.-Hypericum Magi NETHERLANDS ***** 1857 1812.06049 View Importer

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