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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 3926909790 "1. Laboratory glassware, plastic, Art.AB1770, low profile tubes 0.2 ml, transparent, in strips of 8 pcs., With transparent lids, quantitative PCR, 250 strips / pack - 11up., Scope: research in molecular biology and genetics, not health, not for the manufacture of drugs.. " GERMANY ***** 11 1053.431991 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 7017100000 1.Vyroby glass, glassware for laboratory purposes nehraduyovanyy, uncalibrated, of fused quartz or other fused silica oxides, outer tube furnace diameter of 6cm, 40cm length, wall thickness 4 mmart.625-601-554-1sht. It is a quartz tube sealed on one hand, is part of a tubular furnace gas analyzer SC832.Vnutrishnya tube furnace with a diameter of 4 cm in length - 36cm, wall thickness of 4 mm art.625-601-555-1sht. Is part of the tube furnace analyzer SC 832. trademark LECOVyrobnyk LECO production CorporationKrayina US. UNITED STATES ***** 1.262 204.6174272 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 7017900000 1. Laboratory Glassware glass (not for use shall dychnoho) not plavlenohokv artsu, lin.rozshyrennya rate of 7.5 * 10-6 for laboratory tsileyVyrobnyk - YANCHENG HUIDA IMP. & EXP. CO., LTDTorhova mark - EximLabKrayina production - CN. CHINA ***** 1069 1950.782184 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 7017900000 "1. Laboratory Glassware glass (not for use shall dychnoho) not plavlenohokv artsu, lin.rozshyrennya rate of 7.5 * 10-6 for laboratory tsiley.Vyrobnyk - the company" "Mynymed" "Brand - MynymedKrayina production - RU ". RUSSIA ***** 392 4028.70283 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 8308900000 1. Articles of base metal (staples, clips) for laboratory glassware: - tags Oosafe, yellow, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT01 -1upak. - Oosafe label, orange, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT02 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, green, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT03 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, white, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT04 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, pink, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT05 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, blue, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT06 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, purple, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT07 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, silver, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT08 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, red, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT09 tags -1nabir.- Oosafe, brown, 50 pcs / pack art. OOCW-PT10 -1nabir.Torhovelna Brand: OosafeKrayina production: DKVyrobnyk: SparMED ApS. DENMARK ***** 2 281.0309835 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 4016999790 "1 Vulcanite goods, schovykorystovuyutsya laboratories dlyazakuporyuvannya laboratory glassware, nepobutovoho purpose: rubber stopper, bottom diameter - 94.0 mm verhniydiametr - 107.0 mm, height - 65 mm art.9230294-1sht; Producer: Deutsch & Neumann GmbH; brand: Deutsch & Neumann; Country of origin: DE. " GERMANY ***** 0.549 3.950089847 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 7017900000 1. Products made of glass. Glassware for laboratory purposes, graduated and not graded, not calibrated, not medical, with approximate calibration, with a linear expansion coefficient from 7.1 x 10-6 / K to 8.8 x 10-6 / K in the temperature range of 0 degrees. C to 300 ° C - 18697 pcs. Manufacturer: YANCHENG JINGWEI INT'L CO., LTD. Trademark: YANCHENG JINGWEI INT'L CO. Country of production: CN. . CHINA ***** 3364 17814.99988 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 7017900000 "1. Parts and accessories for laboratory equipment. (The apparatus for ekstratsiyi taozolennya). Laboratory glassware. Glass tube for ashing KTG, KJELDATHERM macro, 300 ml, 10 pcs. / Packing. C.GERHARDT, Art. 12-0301 - 1nabir.Vyroby not medical grade pryznachennya.Torhivelna - "" Gerhardt "". Producer - "" C.Gerhardt GmbH & Co.KG "". Country of origin - DE.. " GERMANY ***** 1.94 258.0748675 View Importer
07/Apr/2017 7326200090 "1. The other wire products with chornyhmetaliv, wire baskets made of stainless steel used for dokomplektatsiyi laboratory ultrasonic baths for cleaning small laboratory glassware, wire basket, square, 120h120h100 mm steel 18/10 E-Poli, art.6262723-10sht; wire basket, square, 180x180x150 mm steel 18/10 E-Poli, art.7604202-1sht; Producer: Bochem Instrumente GmbH; brand: Bochem; Country of origin: DE. " GERMANY ***** 2.214 205.1879376 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 3808941000 "1. Dezynfektant DEZEKON OM (DISECON OM): - in boxes of 0,9kh. - 384sht. (Disinfectant based on quarters nyhamoniyevyh the concentration of salts in the form vanoho solution). Content: dydetsyldymetylammonium chloride - 9%, -5 aminopropyl dodetsylpropandiamin % poliheksametylenbihuanid hydrochloride, 0.98% (active ingredients) and auxili these components (surfactant rehulyatorpH, dye, flavor, water) yes. vyrobivmedychnoho intended for disinfection, medical instrumentation equipment, laboratory glassware, pover- surfaces of medical facilities institutions medi ln - institutions, vharchoviy industry, service sector companies in hromadskyhmistah. Not in aerosol packaging. Whirlpool-to: "" BALTIACHEMI OU "", EstoniyaTorhivelna mark BALTIACHEMIKrayina production - EE. " ESTONIA ***** 345 3353.786925 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 7017100000 "1.Vyroby glass, glassware for laboratory purposes nehraduyovanyy, uncalibrated, of fused quartz or other fused silica oxides, Sklyanalozhechka for mounting sypuchyhzrazkiv art.503-032-1sht, trademark LECOVyrobnyk LECO production CorporationKrayina US." UNITED STATES ***** 0.014 9.377632718 View Importer

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