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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 3923210000 1.Pakety of polymers of ethylene milk storage, total 258 sets. Trademark Tommee Tipee. Manufacturer no data. Country of CN. . CHINA ***** 43.72 77.39990727 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 2309903100 "1. multicomponent mixtures for application in animal feed (dosage 3.4%), yakamistyt incorporates vitamins, minerals, amino acids, filler, starch containing no more than 2%, not containing maltodextrin (syropumaltodekstrynu), glucose (glucose syrup ), milk sugar, choline "" YunimiksPih Finisher "" 50/100 - 3200 kh.Torhova brand: Vilomix.Vyrobnyk: Dansk Vilomix A / S.. " DENMARK ***** 3200 3041.476111 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2009899790 "1. Juice tropical fruits without dodavannyatsukru, mild, with the number Briksa2,5-3h / cm3: Coconut milk fat konservovane17-18% w / w 400ml, art.1111111 -9504sht; Ingredients: Coconut milk is 75% water, stabilizers . contains dodanohospyrtu, nezbrodzhene. Shelf life 2 years. Manufacturer Thai Coconut Public Company Limited; trade mark Thai Coconut; Country of TH;. " THAILAND ***** 3801.6 6367.680142 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 1901100000 "1.Dytyache food, dry powdered instant Kashi put up for rozdribnoy trade (without starch content): TRADEMARK" "BEBI PREMIUM" ": milk: (1up 18karton.pach * = 250g), code 140422" "RICE" "- 432pach, code 140406 "" bananas "" - 864pach, code 150279 "" apricots "" - 864pach, code 142255 "" fruit and cereal ASSORTY "" - 1296pach, code 144207 "" wheat, apples, bananas '' - 1296pach code 150274 "" VIIVSYANA with peaches "" - 864pach; milk: (1up 18karton.pach * = 200g), code 1002705, "" 7 cereals "" - 864pach code 1002706 "" 7 cereals with blueberries "" - 864pach code 1002517 wheat "" porridge FOR PIDVECHIRKU "" cookie with pears "" - 864pach code 1002516 wheat "" porridge for underground DVECHIRKU "" cookie with raspberry and cherry "" - 432pach code 1003409 oatmeal "" Porridge FOR PIDVECHIRKU "" cookie with cherry and apple "" - 432pach, code 1002626, "" buckwheat "" - 1296pach, code 1002627, "" buckwheat, apricots apple "" - 3456pach code 1002303 '' cereal with raspberries and cherries "" - 432pach code 1004049 "" 5 cereals with apricot and raspberry, with prebiotics "" - 864pach, code 1004008, "" buckwheat porridge with goat's milk fortified prebiotics Y "" - 432pach, code 1005804, "" corn "" - 432pach code 1003594 "" porridge for sweet dreams - 3 cereal with raspberries and lemon balm enriched prebiotic "" - 864pach code 1003593 "" porridge for sweet dreams - 3 cereals with apples and chamomile ZBAHA ENA prebiotic "" - 864pach, not containing milk (1up 18karton.pach * = 200g), code 1002622, "" buckwheat "" - 432pach code 1002288 "" Oatmeal "" - 1296pach code 1002290 "" oatmeal with berries " "- 1728pach code 1002618" "corn NYZKOALERHENNA enriched prebiotic" "- 1296pach code 1001540" "NYZKOALERHENNA rice enriched with prebiotics" "- 432pach, code 1002625," "Buckwheat NYZKOALERHENNA enriched prebiotic" "- 864pach.Vyr-in 'DROGA KOLINSKA ZIVILSKA INDUSTRIJA, D.D '. Country of SI " SLOVENIA ***** 5032.8 24228.11592 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2106909890 "1. CREAM plant origin (not milk) to add to coffee and tea dry (powder)" "NON DAIRY CREAMER FES 70" "-25 000 KH.SKLAD PRODUCT: -55-65% glucose syrup, vegetable fat (palm fat / coconut oil) -30-34% stabilizer (E340II, E452I) -1,5-4% SODIUM KAZEINAT -1-2%, emulsifier (palm BASIS) (E471, E481) -0,3-0, 9% ANTYZLEZHUVACH (E551) -0,1-0,5% (-31.5% vegetable fat, moisture -2.59%) for own production POTREBDATA PRODUCTION: 02.22.17; TERM FITNESS: 24 months; trademarks : FOOD EXCELLENCE SPECIALIST; PRODUCER: FOOD EXCELLENCE SPECIALIST SDN. BHD.; Country of origin: MY. " MALAYSIA ***** 25000 40750.00011 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3923900000 1.Vyroby of plastmasyStakan for pre-milking MILKMASTER - 5 pcs. Art.15645Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk Ambic Equipment Ltd.Krayina production GB. UNITED KINGDOM ***** 0.91 29.70496568 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3401300000 "1.Zasoby to wash your body is not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Aquolina Body wash White Teaand Vervain 250 ml (Aquolina Held / shower White Tea zVerbenoyu) art.9950862402-185sht; Aquolina Body wash Rice Milk and CherryFlowers 250 ml (d Aquolina gel / lotion dushuRysove and KvityVyshni) art.9950882403-25sht; Aquolina Bath shower Gel Verbena 300 ml (Aquolina shower Gel Verbena) art.9953071840-42sht; Aquolina Body wash Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 250 ml (Aquolina Gel d / soul trosnyk Sugar and Coconut Milk ) art.9950852401-20sht; Aquolina Bath shower Gel Mandarin & Fig 300ml (Aquolina shower Gel Mandarin and figs) art.9953311842-72sht; Aquolina Bath shower Gel GREEN TEA HARMONY 500 ml (Aquolina shower Gel Green Harmony) art.9952441464- 68sht, trade Flax mark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. " ITALY ***** 150.42 1304.121473 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3305900000 "1.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "amber tone rusyy 115ml Art. 8823 -90sht.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "burning tons of chocolate 115ml Art. 8824 -4050sht.Krem, hair color tone Faberlic Champagne 115ml art. 8825 -150sht. farbadlya hair cream Faberlic tone agate cherny 115ml art. 8826 -120sht. Cream Faberlic tone paint dlyavolossya spelaya cherry 115ml art. 8827 -960sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" Scandinavian tone blond 115ml art. 8828-360sht. Cream hair color tone mocha Faberlic 115ml art. 8832 -420sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" natural blond tone 115ml art. 8833-240sht. Cream hair color "" faberlic "" mahogany tone 115ml art. 8834-270sht. Cream hair color tone Faberlic brandy 115ml Art. 8835 -210sht.Krem-rinse Faberlic tone lesnoy oreh115ml art. 8836 -270sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" tone cappuccino 115ml art. 8837 -360sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" Royal tons of mango 115ml art. 8839-180sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" tone amethyst 115ml art. 8841-120sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 8.0Svetlyy blonde 145,64ml art. 8921-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine 8.8Svetlyy tone beige blonde 145,64ml art. 8927 -96sht. Stand SS cream paint dlyavolossya KRASA butter amly arginine and 3.0 tons of dark chestnut 119,44ml art. 8938-384sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly arginine and golden tone 4.3Kashtan 119,44ml art. 8941-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 4.5Kashtan mahahonovyy 145,64ml art. 8942-24sht. (Tubes of paint, a bottle of milk, a package with balm, a pair of gloves) Gel for hair modeling series EXPERT 100ml art. 8974 -770sht.Ekspres Conditioning, schr indelible "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8966-768sht. Elixir Hair Oils with AMLY EVERSTRONG series "" Expert "" 52ml art.8970 -400sht. Nutritive Serum for all hair types 30ml series SALONCARE art.8215 -336sht. Balm-conditioner shampoo with ekstraktomzhuravlyny-series sorceress "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8471 -84sht.Balzam-conditioner capacity for thin and weakened hair with poppy ekstraktompolyarnoho series "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8477 -84sht. Mask for hair light iblondyruvanoho "" TOTAL BLONDE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8956 -360sht.Maska for intensive moisturizing hair "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" art.8965 -144sht 200ml. Air conditioning for perfect smoothness "" SHINE & GLOSS "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8972 -45sht. Mask for hair age "" BRILLIANT AGE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8963 -504sht. Balm and curly hair weaves ICONICCURLS series EXPERT 200ml art. 8361 -180sht. Mask for hair obobhortannya SekretKleopatry series SPA 200ml art. 2417 -429sht.Torhovelna Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" Not in aerosol packaging " RUSSIA ***** 2057.626 9595.380336 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3507100000 "1.Bilkovi substances dry enzyme, renin koahulyuvannya for milk. Production date 19.04.2017 p. Renin (cheese, cottage cheese, cheese) (100g) -30sht. Total -30 packaging. Net weight of packaging pr - 4.20 kg. Net weight -3.000 kg. Country of BG. Trade mark "" Lactina "". brand "" Laktyna "" OOD.. " BULGARIA ***** 4.2 424.3590737 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2106909200 "1.Liky people. Biologically active additives in the form of tablets, coated, which include vitamins and minerals content of not more than three times the recommended average daily consumption rate (RDA), without the addition of starch, sugar and milk fat. Series AJ531: VITRUM® KALTSIUM 600 + D400 coated tablets, 60 tablets in a vial, 1 vial in a box - 96 up.Seriya AK052: VITRUM® CARDIO coated tablets, 100 tablets in a vial, 1 vial in box - 96 up.Seriya AJ514: VITRUM® FORAYZ Forte coated tablets, 60 tablets vial, 1 vial in a box - 72 up.Vyrobnyk: Unipharm Inc., US.. " UNITED STATES ***** 39.0288 1592.538457 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 1806209500 1.Shokolad and other food products containing cocoa, containing cocoa butter and milk fat, cocoa butter containing less than 18% .Shokoladni drops (dropsy) dark brown sugar koloru.Inhrediyenty (46.5%), cocoa liquor (42%), cocoa butter (11%), emulsifiers (lecithin sunflower) (0.49%), flavor (vanilla) (0.01%) (minimum cocoa solids content of 52%). In bags of 25 kg. used in food promyslovostiVyrobnyk GOTEBORGS fOOD BUDAPEST ZRT. HUKrayina origin Hungary. HUNGARY ***** 975 3719.013042 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3923900000 1.Vyroby plastic, glass for pre-milking - 10 pcs. Art.1529Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk Heap Co sroKrayina production in 2000 CZ. CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 1.36 26.87611861 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 2106909890 "1. Product" "A mixture of vegetable fats for vzbyttya" "Sunwhip '', contains in its composition, water, vegetable fat, sugar (10 + -1.0%), teksturatory (E420, E460), stabilizer E466, emulsifiers ( E427b, E322, E471), milk protein (sodium kozeyinat - 0.4%), salt, acidity regulator (E340, E331), flavorings flavorings, coloring E160 dye. Scope and use: food processing, trim pastry products, manufacturing dysertiv. It does not contain alcohol incorporates spyrtu.Art. 8220551120, tetra packing 12 x 1 liter. maps. trays covered with p / e Film-1584 cards. trays (19008 l.) - 19787 kh.Torhivelna mark: "" Scandic Food "". Producer: "" Scandic Food A / S "". Country of origin: DK.. " DENMARK ***** 19787 20064.44387 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3304990000 "1.Kosmetychni care products zashkiroyu faces and bodies not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Aquolina Exfoliating BodyPolish Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 200ml (Dr. Aquolina Scrub / Body Tsukrovyytrosnyk and KokosoveMolochko) art.9951622441-36sht; Aquolina Bath Body milk Verbena 250 ml (Aquolina Milk d / tilaVerbena) art.9953521870-156sht; Aquolina Exfoliating body Polish Vanilla and Macadamia Nut 200 ml (Aquolina Scrub d / body and Vanilla Macadamia nuts) art.9951612440-12sht; Aquolina Ultra-Supple cream Vanilla and Macadamia Nut 200 ml (Aquolina Ultra-moisturizing cream d / body Vanilla and Cherry Makadami) art.9951372420-108sht; Aquolina Fluid cream Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 250 ml (Aquolina fluid cream d / body trosnyk Sugar and Coconut M olochko /) art.9951012410-95sht, trademark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. " ITALY ***** 118.23 1451.783825 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3923210000 "1.Pakety" "Ecolean ®Packages" "zplivkovoho polimernoetylenovoho footage, without cover, with color printing, automatic bottling milk 1000ml markyEcolean Base 1000 / 3241-100440sht.Vyrobnyk- Ecolean AB, Shvetsiya.Torhivelna mark -" "Ecolean ®Packages "" .Vyrob.- ECOLEAN AB .Krayina vyrobnytstva- SE.. " SWEDEN ***** 1527 5858.531358 View Importer

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