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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
19/Apr/2017 8466940000 1.Chastyna the equipment for the manufacture of wire (formuvalnykametalevoyi spring Kugler Womako ProLoop): - art. 572-7001-010 bottom punching, forming wheel. Bulavchatoe (step 3: 1) - 1 pc. - Art. 572-3002-110 removable pin (plasma nitrided) - 2 pcs. (Vykorystovuyetsyav molding machine for removal of the finished spring gear) - art. 572-3002-220 removable pin (plasma nitrided) - 1 pc. (Vykorystovuyetsyav molding machine for removal of the finished spring gear) Country of production - DE.Vyrobnyk - BW Papersystems Stuttgart GmbH Trading - Kugler- Womako. . GERMANY ***** 0.346 6129.206977 View Importer
19/Apr/2017 6804223000 1.Dysk grinding of silicate materials. Disc grinding of silicate material (cubic boron nitride) kat.nom. 05054059 art. 31667.650 -1sht.Krayina production - GBTorhovelna mark - MolinsVyrobnyk - MOLINS PLC Trading as Molins Tobacco Machinery. UNITED KINGDOM ***** 0.88 97.12922266 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 3816000000 1.VOHNETRYVKA LOTOCHNA WEIGHT MARK: PN-RFA-KR, meant to close a cast iron trough letok DOMAIN PECHEY.OSNOVNI COMPONENTS - alumina oxide silicon CONNECTION silicon nitride, silicon carbide and VUHLETSYU.VMIST AL2O3: 24.73%, SIO2: 25.63 % C: 21.36% SIC: 13.25%, SI3N4: 7.65% .VOHNETRYVKIST: 1700-1720 ° C. CHINA ***** 198320 259799.2 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 8477901000 "1.Chastyny ​​new steel to extrusion lines for manufacturing PVC nitrided screw d = 92,5mm complete with tip and SHN0.00.002-03 and insert (grid) RP.00.001- 3k-you. Screw serves to supply PVC doekstruziynoyi melt extruder head. The tip of insertion established on shnekta used to melt mixing quality. Material auger and tip -stal 40HN2MA mark according to GOST 4543-71. Material insert steel grade 40X zhidnoHOST 4543-71. avg. number of products in completely : 17-0675 17-0676 17-0677; 17-0678 17-0679 17-0680; 17-0681 17-0682 17-0683; Producer: SENMAK Makin a Tic. Ltd. Sti.Krayina production: TRTorhovelna mark: SENMAK. " TURKEY ***** 286 9371.630112 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 6804229000 "1.Total wheel for sharpening of blades in cigarette machines Protos in the form of a metal disk with attached abrasive material on the basis of cubic boron nitride, complete: Grinding wheel 133DS32 9637333-000-00 - 4 pcs .;" UNITED KINGDOM ***** 0.864 216.4061874 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 2850002000 1.Abrazyvnyy powder of cubic boron nitride coated nickel CBN116CN60. Nikelzastosovuyetsya as a material which increases the stability instrument and zdatnistpratsyuvaty high modes. N60 means more than 60% of the mass of boron kubichnohonitrydu. Hence the mass fraction of nickel in the product 3000hram and mass chastkakubichnoho 2000hram boron nitride. 3000 + 2000 = 5000h cubic nitride borazastosovuyetsya only for technical purposes and can not be used as syrovynadlya jewelry objectives stamps and bus zmirom: CBN116CN60 170 / 200mesh-3000karat, CBN116CN60 200 / 230mesh-5000karat, CBN116CN60 270 / 325mesh-2000karat, all-10000karat .Vyrobnyk: ZHENGZHOU ZHONGNAN JETE SUPERABRASIVES CO., LTD T.M-ZHENGZHOU ZHONGNANJETE SUPERABRASIVES CO., LTDKrayina production-CN. CHINA ***** 5 1299.999937 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 2850002000 1. nitrides for laboratory purposes (non-medical): kalibrovochnaampula nitride hydrogen NH3 -10sht.Torhovelna Brand: DRAGERKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Drager Safety AG & Co. KGaA. GERMANY ***** 0.36 111.733586 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 2850002000 1. Powder grinding with CBN. Obtained by synthesis of hexagonal boron nitride. It consists of - 43.6% boron and nitrogen 50.4%. Used for making abrasive tools. . CHINA ***** 5.2 2157.171776 View Importer
04/Apr/2017 6804229000 1. Disc grinding: W-603-7075 borazonovyy grinding disc dlyapyl HT / BSB / NC - 2 pcs. Size: 150x6x25 mm.Vyhotovlenyy synthetic cubic boron nitride (Borazon) without binders. Used uderevoobrobniy promyslovosti.Vyrobnyk: WINTERSTEIGER AG. Trademark: WINTERSTEIGER. Country of origin: AT. . AUSTRIA ***** 2.315 536.2054975 View Importer

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