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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 8423900000 1. Grain Loss sensor, strain gauge to / from the combine, the principle of the weighing sensor (strain gauge) is based on the conversion of mechanical deformation that occurs when load sensor, an electrical signal, and then transmits the received sensor signal to the controller that handles it and displays the result : 84000257 2sht.Rozfasovano-sensor for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production BE. BELGIUM ***** 0.46 392.7664524 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 602904900 "1. Live plants for open soil, including their roots, for decorative purposes, are packed in a sack with a soil substrate: Thuja occ., 'Smaragd', plant height 100-120 cm-700; Thuja Occ. (Thuja Western) variety 'Brabant', plant height 120-140cm-250s; Thuja occ. (Thuja western), Brabant variety, plant height 120-140cm-250pc; Thuja occ. (Thuja western), Smaragd variety, spiral -100pc Thuja occ (Thuja Western), 'Yellow Ribbon', with a barrel of 3 pieces, Thuja plic, 'Kornik', with a barrel of 6, Thuja Occ., 'Smaragd', with a barrel of 10 pcs. Trademark: No data. Producer: "BOOMKWEKERIJ VAN DE VEN", NL. " NETHERLANDS ***** 13500 4933.386131 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8421392000 1.Filtry mechanical action, working within the system of air purification, cylindrical, made of stainless steel in the middle of which vstanovoenyy filter element with corrugated paper (filter cartridges). They have a connection to the valves. Air purification occurs by crossing the polluted air filter element everywhere. Used in air cleaning system for cleaning of industrial air from dust and mechanical particles. To ensure its own production. . GERMANY ***** 11.16 568.7500417 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 602904900 1.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, including their roots, to vidkrytohohruntu for decorative purposes, with torfohruntom in pots and p / e bags vasortymenti in stock: Abies proc. Glauca C5 Fir -8sht. Juniperus scop.Blue Arrow 120-140 Juniper -100sht. Fagus syl. Dawyck Gold C130 Beech -2sht. Fagussyl. Tricolor Beech 250+ -6sht. Fagus syl. Black Swain C130 Beech -1sht. Fagus syl.Black Swain 300+ Beech -2sht. Fagus syl. Purpurea Pendula PA 160 Beech -4sht. Fagussyl. Beech-C4 mix 12p. Fagus syl. Purple Fountain C130 Beech -1sht. Picea abies Konca 140-160 Spruce-6 pieces. Picea abies Inversa C45 Spruce -3sht. Picea abies Inversa 150+ Spruce -5sht.Picea pung. Spruce Hoopsii C2-10pc. Picea pung Glauca Globosa 80-100 Spruce -40sht. Pine Pinus Oculus Draconis140-160 -6sht. Pine Pinus Glauca 140+ -2sht. Pine Pinus Globe 60+ -1sht.Pinus mugo Wintergold 60-80 Pine -20sht. Pinus mugo Ophir Pa60 -6sht.Pinus 60 Pine mugo Ophir C5 Pine -7sht. Pine Pinus nigra 350+ -3sht. Pinus nigra 250+ Pine -5sht. Pinus syl. Watererri 160-180 Pine -5sht. Thuja occ. Golden Globe Thuja -50sht 40+. Thuja occ. Danica Thuja 20-30, 100 pieces. Thuja occ. Danica Thuja 30-40, 100 pieces. Thuja occ. Thuja Smaragd C2 -3sht. Thuja occ. Thuja Smaragd 350+ -51sht. Thujaocc. Thuja Smaragd 270+ -46sht. POLAND ***** 19400 10067.49235 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 9031809100 "1.BEZKONTAKTNI electronic sensor (sensor): - SENSOR KI5085 = 1 pc. Capacitive electronic sensors in cylindrical metal housing with threaded M20MAYE sensing element (plate capacitor) It provides control signals to the monitor MACHINES OF occupancy head in the sand vystrelivaya core MASHYNIROBOCHA VOLTAGE - 10 ... 36 V; nominal operating current STANDING - 100 mA.BUDE used for filling level recording head in the sand vystrelivaya core machines DISA CORE 10 EPVYROBNYK: IFM ELEKTRONIK GMBHTORHIVELNA Brand: IFMMARKUVANNYA on the product: IFM ELEKTRONIK GMBH; KI5085; 10 ... 36 V; 100 mA; MADE IN GERMANY. " VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF ***** 0.16 269.8488855 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 9026208000 1.Prylad non-electronic measuring of pressure before and after the air filter for a motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38, (Euro-II), is designed for visual notification of zabrudnennyapovitryanoho filtra.Pratsyuye due to the pressure difference, which occurs when the air permeability of the filter obmezhenaPosylaye the dashboard to include elektrychnyysyhnal control lamp, when the air filter needs to be zaminenyy.servisnyy 254709130135-8sht indicator, service indicator 254709130135-8sht, service indicator 254709130135-8 t Service indicator 254709130135-8sht manufacturers TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN. . INDIA 32 0.768 32.02611925 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8474100000 1. Machine for sorting, screening, centrifugal classifier of statistical separation zone COP 2,003 new -1 pcs., Serial number 035-14 designed for separating dry materials (lime) fraction from 0 to 200 microns. Adjusting value products division occurs by changing the angle of the rotating blades and the value of air potoku.Tehnichni Specifications: Capacity - 15 t / h, the amount of source material 0.5 mm, humidity starting material of 0.5%, the air flow rate of 15 thousand. M3 / h hydraulic resistance of 2 kPa, brand -TsENTRVyrobnytstvo -OAO NPO Center, Belarus / BY. BELARUS ***** 1500 28776.6274 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3006400000 "1. Tooth" "cements" "inshistomatolohichni and materials for plombuvannyazubiv, and reconstruction (vidnovlennyakistok) art.870014 paste opaque, 3 g O-D2GC Initial MC-1 pcs. Art.870031 Opakdentyn, 20 g OD-A1 GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870045 opaque dentin, 20 g OD-D3 GCInitial MC-3 pcs. art.870055 dentin, 20 g of D-A4 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870068Emal, 20 g E- 58 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870070 Enamel, 20 g of E-60 GC Initial MC-10 pcs. art.870081 enamel intensive, 20 g EI-11 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870082 Emalintensyvna 20 g EI-12 GC Initial MC-4 pieces. art.870084 enamel intensive, 20 g EI-14 GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870085 occlusal enamel, 20g EO-15 GC InitialMC-3 pcs. , art.870122 Transparent cervical, 20 g CT-22 GC Initial MC-2 pcs., and t.870160 Universal ash, 20 g GU GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870176 powdered opaque, 20 g O-B1 GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870182 powdered opaque, 20 g O-C3 GC Initial MC -5 pieces. art.870564 Dentin, 50 g of D-D2 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870565 Dentin, 50 g DD 3 GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870568 Enamel, 50 g of E-58 GC Initial MC-3 pcs. art.870569 Enamel, 50 g of E-59 GCInitial MC-3 pcs. art.870570 Enamel, 50 g of E-60 GC Initial MC-4 pieces. art.870642 Inside, 50 g IN-42 Terracotta GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870644 Inside, 50g IN-44 Sand GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870701 opakova Liquid, 25 ml GC InitialMC-5 pcs. art.870703 Liquid shoulder 25 ml GC Initial MC-2 pcs. art.870711 Ridynaopakova 50 ml GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.870712 for modeling fluid 50 ml GCInitial MC-10 pcs. Art.870713 shoulder Liquid, 50 ml GC Initial MC-2 pcs. Art.870722 for modeling fluid, 250 ml GC Initial MC-10 pcs. Art.870732 fluid dlyamodelyuvannya 1000 ml GC Initial MC-1 pcs. art.871002 powdered opaque, 20 g O-A2 GC Initial LF-2 pcs. art.871051 Dentin, 20 g of D-A1 GC Initial LF-2 pcs. art.871053 Dentin, 20 g D-A3 GC Initial LF-1 pcs. art.871055 Dentin, 20 g of D-A4 GCInitial LF-1 pcs. art.871069 Enamel, 20 g of E-59 GC Initial LF-1 pc., Dentin art.875054 20 g D-A3.5 GC Initial Zr-FS-6 pieces. art.875056 Dentin, 20 g of D-B1 GC InitialZr-FS-1 pcs. art.875068 Enamel, 20 g of E-58 GC Initial Zr -FS-1 pcs. art.875078 Prozoryymodyfikator, 20 g TM-05 GC Initial Zr-FS-3 pcs. art.875085 occlusal enamel, 20g EO-15 GC Initial Zr-FS-2 pcs., art. 875093 Flyuo-Dent district, 20 g FD-93 GC InitialZr-FS-8 pieces. art.875142 Inside, 20 g IN-42 Terracotta GC Initial Zr-FS-3 pcs. art.875145 Inside, 20 g IN-45 GC Initial Havana Zr-FS-2 pcs. art.876000 Glaze poroshokGL, 10 g GC Initial MC, LF - INvivo / INsitu-5 pcs. art.876100 Glaze powder GL, 10g GC Initial AL, Zr, Ti - INvivo / INsitu- 10 pcs. art.877050 Bond 2x4 g GC InitialINMetalbond-15 units. " AUSTRIA ***** 8.58 2750.87484 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3926300090 1.Krypilnyy plastic dlyaprystroyu ultrasound diagnosis: 24-4100 -4sht.Pryznachenyy Immersion cylinder for contactless metodubiometriyi (A-scan) at vykorystanniA-Scan Plus pravylniyperpendykulyarniy on the distance from the eye (principle: ultrazvukovohoskanera sensor is inserted into the cylinder, transparent and samtsylindr contains two liniyivizuvannya (line to align the probe, line of precision fluid) cylinders containing the device to fix the probe and adapter tubes, liquid poured into the cylinder and the doctor hands prystavlya ARE the eye of the patient, eye scanning occurs is due to liquid). Civil destination. Firm-vyrobnyk- Accutome newco. inc. Trade mark-Accutome. Country of-US. . UNITED STATES ***** 0.1 445.4979594 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8482200000 "1. Parts designed for automobiles, bearings, hydraulic SH3182600190Pidshypnyk vychavnyy CITROEN / PEUGEOT C4 / C5 / 3008/308 / Partner" "1,6-2,0" "06 - 2 pcs; SH3151000388 Bearing vychavnyy VAG Fabia / Octavia / Caddy / Golf / Polo / Passat "" 1,2-2,0TDi "" 98 - 6 units; SH3151193041 Pi dshypnyk vychavnyyAUDI / PORSCHE / VW 80/100/924 / Passat / Transporter "" 61-92 - 2 pcs; SH3151809002Pidshypnyk vychavnyy CHEVROLE T / DAEWOO Aveo / Epica / Lanos / Astra / Cadet / Vectra "" 1,2-2,3 "" 93 - 5 units; SH315124803 1 Bearing vychavnyy MERCEDES / VW Sprinter / T1 / LT "" 2,3- 2.8 '' 96-06 - 12 pieces; Bearing SH3189 000,245 vychavnyy SMARTCity-Cou pe / Crossblade / Fortwo / Roadster "" 0,6-0,8 "" 01-05 - 1 piece; SH3189000025Pidshypnyk you chavnyy VAG A1 / A2 / A3 / Ibiza / Leon / Fabia / Oc tavia / Superb / Yeti / Bora / Golf / Caddy / Jet ta / Passat / Po - 3 pieces; SH315 1000388 ypnyk turned up vychavnyy VAGFabia / Octavia / Caddy / Golf / Polo / Passat "" 1,2-2,0TDi "" 98 - 2 pcs; SH3151802003Pidshypnyk vychavnyy VAG Oc tavia / Bora / Caddy / Golf / Jetta / Polo / Scir occo " "1,2-1,9" "82-06 - 2 pcs; S H18638690 01 Bearing flywheel VAG A3 / A6 / Octavia / Superb / Yeti / Golf / Passat / Polo / Transpor ter "" 1,3-1,9 "" 80 - 2 sht.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - SACHSVyrobnyk - ZF Friedrichshafen AG " GERMANY ***** 8.09 440.8065238 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 9004109900 1. OCCULAR SUNSHINE WOMEN. Art 0650/003 size M - 6 pc. Composition: 70% ACRYLIC PLASTIC 24% BODY 3% STEEL 3% POLYCARBONATOCULAR SUNSHINE WOMEN. Art 0652/003 size M - 14 pc.Composition: 80% ACRYLIC PLASTIC 14% BODY 6% POLYCARBONATOUCULAR SYNTHETIC WOMEN. Art.0655 / 003 size M - 12 pc. Composition: 80% ACRYL 19% POLYCARBONATE 1% SOURCES.Art.0660 / 003 size M - 18 pc.Composition: 80% ACRYLIC PLASTIC 16% BODY 2% STEEL 2% POLYCARBONATOUCULAR CONCEPTS WOMEN. Art.3801 / 003 size M - 32 pc. Composition: 70% ACRYLIC PLASTIC 21% POLYCARBONATE 9% CELLULAR CONCEPTS. Art.3802 / 003 size M - 14 pc. Composition: 70% ACRYLIC PLASTIC 18% POLYCARBONATE 12% CELLULAR CONCENTRATES. Art.3804 / 003 size M - 24 pc. Ingredients: 75% POLYCARBONATE 25% BODY Trademark STRADIVARIUS Manufacturer STRADIVARIUS ESPANA SACare produced by CN. CHINA 120 9.506 409.0777533 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8205700000 1.Instrumenty hand, working part contains natural and synthetic diamonds, precious stones notcontains. Clamp G-shaped, 125 mm art. 206059 -48sht.Strubtsyna G-shaped, 150 mm art. 206069 -120sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTX Manual clamp, 180 mm, semicircular occupation PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE art.184205 -60sht. Vice metalwork, 125mm, swivel, with adlom ing art. 186255-41sht.Strubtsyna F-shaped, 250 x 50 x 300 mm art. 204295 -550sht. Clamp F-shaped, 1,000 x 120 x 1050 m of art. 204475 -24sht. Clamp G-shaped, 250mm Art. 206685- 12p. The machine-vises, 640 x 520 x 790 mm port cess art.257055 -105sht.Torhovelna Brand: SPARTAKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH. CHINA ***** 1289.28 2436.740086 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3926909790 "1. Plastic: - directing, article 280181 in the amount of 2 pieces. It is a curved dovhastiplanky with holes for fastening. Designed to direction of farshevytysnyuvacha upodviynomu automatic clipping SP 18/15 (equipment closing kintsivkovbasnyh baguettes aluminum clips). Material : plastic (polivinylidenftoryd). a method for manufacturing Cast obrobka.- lathe chucks, article 286237 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is a part of vyhlyadipodviynoyi fork with fixing holes in the bottom. Designed dlyakriplennya guide shtovha Cha clip clips filing the node in podviynomuavtomatychnomu clipping SP 18/15 on the line making sausage vyrobiv.Material: PTFE. A method for manufacturing Cast and turning the tape guide obrobka.-, article 286123 in the amount of 1 pieces. There treuholnoy detail formyz mounting holes clipper to the base, as well as product passage is a groove on it with tape loops (loop used to pidvishuvannyakovbasnyh products). Assign Aisne to the direction of the belt loop and rivnomirnoyipodachi this film in klipsuvannya node. How it works: tape with petlyamyprostyahayetsya through tensioning rollers and guiding loop so at rusistrichky loop its jam occurs and the tape goes strictly pokanavtsi located in a guide unit klipsuvannya. Coming vuzliklipsuvannya sausage loaf on top loop refers aluminum clip izatyskayetsya. Size: 30h68h197mm. Material: PTFE. A method for manufacturing alloys, Turning. Company manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (CH) Switzerland. " SWITZERLAND ***** 0.2642 648.4301931 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 4819100000 "1.Kartonni boxes of corrugated cardboard with a foam cushion and foam padding and packaging for transporting goods (watch components) in size with 50 seats, large size model 29h21,5h5,5sm.-2 pcs. Product shape: rectangular; Product Type: Box kartonna.V data cartons packed industrial goods supplied for machining and used exclusively for this purpose and have no medical pryznachennya.Torhova brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: nevidomyy.Upakovka-occupied part of the space in the cards. box.. " SWITZERLAND ***** 0.312 13.01408905 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 4819100000 "1.Kartonni boxes of corrugated cardboard with a foam cushion and foam padding and packaging for transporting goods (watch components) in size with 50 seats, small model size 19h17h4sm.-8 pieces. Product shape: rectangular; Product Type: box kartonna.V data cartons packed industrial goods supplied for machining and used exclusively for this purpose and have no medical pryznachennya.Torhova brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: nevidomyy.Upakovka-occupied part of the space in the cards. box.. " SWITZERLAND ***** 0.584 24.5495691 View Importer

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