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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
24/Apr/2017 7317002000 "1.Zvaryuvalni napivavtomatyni apparati 1) - KIT 405 D Processor- 3 pcs. Sn.:5059300175, 5059300176, 5059300177. Teh.dani: voltage 380V, 350A potuzhnistna maximum tokay gecko - 12.4 kVt.2) - KIT 405 - 2 pcs. Sn .: 5003200818,5003200819. Tech. data: zhyvlennya380V voltage, power at maximum toke350A - 12.4 kW. 3) - kIT 405S with feeders KIT2-4S connecting cable and control 2MS - 1 set. Sn .: 5040500123. Tech. data: voltage 380V, maximum power to the tokay gecko 350A - 12.4 kV. 4) - KIT 500 PROCESSOR - 2 pcs. Sn .: 5143400004, 5143400005. Tech. data: voltage 380V, power 450A at maximum tokay gecko - 18.1 kW. 5) - KIT 500 S PROCE SSOR of feeders KIT 2-4 S PROCESSOR control and connecting cable 2MS PROCESSOR - 1 set. Sn .: 5058300009. Tech. Data: voltage 380V, maximum power to the tokay gecko 450A - 18.1 kW. Welders are designed to arc welding metal welding wire continuous season of the emergence or, cored wire in shielding gas Self-cored wires and solid welding wire intersection using welded metal protection flux. Not belonging to: - '' production equipment '' for producing metal powders suitable for use in "" production, "" in a controlled environment crushed or spherical materials; - high-arc plasma generators suitable for use in the manufacture of spherical metallic powders or powders sprayed, the organization process in the argon-water; - elektrovybuhovyh units suitable for use in the manufacture of spherical metallic powders or powders sprayed, the organization process in the argon-water; - equipment suitable for use in "" production, "" spherical aluminum powder spray melt in an inert medium (eg nitrogen). General use. It is not military products. Country of CZ. Manufacturer: Kuhtreiber, sro trademark: Kuhtreiber. " AUSTRIA ***** 2.564 35.28215173 View Importer
04/Apr/2017 3504009000 1.Suha blood plasma of pigs with aerosol ushky. It is a product pererobkysvyn yachoyi blood - protein raw beige, poroshkopodibna.Vykorystovuyetsya the production of feed for fattening Arina TV. Proteyinuvid content of 80% max usushtsi .Vtraty at 9%. S without adding a reducing sugar, sucrose, starch. Produced 10.2016 g. Shelf life 24 months when stored dry uholodnomu. Dry Plasma of swine blood Proglobulin 80 P - 9900 kg. . GERMANY ***** 9900 34301.7681 View Importer

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