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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
26/Apr/2017 4016930090 "1. Vulcanite neporystoyihumy, rubber seals and komplektyuschilnyuvachiv with the framework and zatyskachamydlya prokladtsikabeliv at Roxtec. The rubber gasket RM 60RM00100601000 -48sht .; Rubber uschilnyuvachz clamp R 200 Galve. SitkoyuR000002001018 of -12sht. (Each comprising: a clamp with rubber gasket with mesh 1pc., synthetic oil for zmaschuvannyauschilnyuvachiv under construction, 25 ml tube -1sht. set for attaching -1sht., assembly instruction -1sht.) set ComSeal LW12 / 12 108 020 -60sht. (each comprising: a metal frame of the clip - 1pc., humovyyuschilnyuvach EM 20w40 -6sht., synthetic oil for the lubrication of seals prymontazhu, 25ml tube - 1pc., Assembly instruction -1sht., mounting kit, 1pc.) uschilnyuvachz Rubber Wedge clamp 120mm in Galve for th ARW0001201018-10sht. (each comprising: a rubber gasket on clip -1sht., syntetychnemastylo to lubricate seals during installation, 25ml tube - 1pc., zmontazhu instructions - 1 pc., plastic retainer -1sht.) Rubber Shield clamp ilnyuvach of R75 W Ex AISI316 / primed EXWR00000752112 -2sht. (Each comprising: a rubber clamp uschilnyuvachz -1sht., Steel sleeve -1sht., Synthetic oil for zmaschuvannyauschilnyuvachiv under construction, 25 ml tube - 1pc., Assembly instruction -1sht., Nabirdlya installation -1sht.). The trade mark "" ROXTEC " ".Vyrobnyk:" "Roxtec International AB" ". Country of origin: SE." SWEDEN ***** 91.59 2838.847887 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 8508190000 "1. Products with vulcanized non-porous humus: rubber seals and kits with sealing frames and clips for cable entries during laying cables. Rubber sealer RM 60RM00100601000 -48pcs; Rubber seal with clamping R 200 galvanized with grid R000002001018 -12pcs (each containing: rubber seal with clamp with 1-piece grid, synthetic lubricant for lubrication of compactors at installation, tubing 25ml-1pcs., Mounting kit-1pcs., Installation instructions-1pcs.); ComSeal LW12 / 12 108020 -60pcs kit (each containing: metallic frame with a clamp - 1pcs., Rubber emplacement EM 20w40 -6pcs. Synthetic lubricant for lubrication of pre-packing seals, tube 25ml - 1pcs., Installation instructions -1pcs., Mounting kit-1pcs.); Rubber seal with clamping wedge 120mm galleys in the side ARW0001201018-10pcs (each containing: rubber seals with Clamping unit - 1 pc., Synthetic oil for lubricating seals during installation, a tube of 25 ml - 1 pc., A mounting instruction - 1 pc., A plastic clip-1 pc.); A rubber glue with a clamp R75 W Ex AISI316 / primed EXWR00000752112 -2 pcs.(Each contains: a rubber seal with a clamping unit-1, a steel sleeve-1, a synthetic lubricant for lubricating the seals during installation, a tube of 25 ml - 1 pc., An installation instruction-1 pc., A kit for mounting-1 pc.). The trademark "ROXTEC" "Producer:" "Roxtec International AB." Country of production: SE. " VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF 1310 7857.52 50841.70071 View Importer

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