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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
28/Apr/2017 3304100000 "1.Zvolozhuyucha lipstick CC" "Uvlazhnenye in Color / Moisturizing CC lipstickColor & care" "tone Svetlyy pyon 4d art. 4619-110sht. Lip gloss mirrored volume / Lipgloss Glassy volume tone Ozhynovyymarmelad 8,5ml art. 41035 - 456sht. lip gloss mirrored volume / LipglossGlassy volume tons of cocoa cream 8,5ml art. 41037 -608sht. Hvylyakoloru lip gloss / Lipgloss Color energy art 9,5ml 42004 art. 42004 -108sht. Polumatovahubna lipstick Ovation / Demi- matte lipstick Applause 4.1 g Model 43033 art. 43033-270sht. Moisturizing lipstick Moisturizing color CC / Moisturizing lipstickColor & care art 43,059 4d art. 43059 -660sht. Moisturizing lipstick color CCZvolozhennya / Moisturizing lipstick Color & care Art 43,091 4 g art.43091 -110sht. DA kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Pink Waltz Art 440014h art. 44001 -220sht. DA kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Romance dlyakohanoyi Art 4 g 44002 Art. 44002 - 110sht. DA kiss lipstick / lipstick 3DKiss Caramel art polka 44003 4d art. 44003 -660sht. Railway kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Peach cantata Art 44,005 4d art. 44005 -330sht. PomadaZD kiss Lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss ballad Spring Art 44,006 4d art. 44006 -330sht.Hubna lipstick kiss DA / Lipstick 3D Kiss fervent flamenco art 44009 4 g art.44009 -220sht. Railway kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D Kiss Crimson Jazz art44014 4d art. 44014 -330sht. Railway kiss lipstick / Lipstick 3D KissArhentynske Tango Art 44019 4d art. 44019 -110sht. Moisturizing lipstick CCBarvy Jamaica / Moisturizing lipstick Colors of Jamaica Art 44,075 4d art. 44075-110sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44100 3,7hart. 44100-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44101 3,7hart. 44101 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44102 3,7h art. 44102 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44103 3,7h art. 44103-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44104 3,7hart. 44104 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44105 3,7h art. 44105 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44106 3,7h art. 44106-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44107 3,7h \ art. 44107 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44108 3,7h art. 44108 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44109 3,7h art. 44109-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44110 3,7hart. 44110 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art.44111 3,7h art. 44111 -180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lipdesigner art. 44112 3,7h art. 44112-180sht. Fashion Color Lipstick / Lipstick Lip designer art. 44115 3,7hart. 44115 -180sht. 44131 probe to the lipstick effect Dual 3D Volume yhladkist Skyline art. 44001 0.5 g art. 44131 -350sht. 43105 probe to hubnoyipomady Secret Story art. 43072 0.5 g art. 43105 -1250sht. " RUSSIA ***** 136.242 6596.169332 View Importer

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