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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
18/Apr/2017 6813810090 1.Fryktsiyni plates based on carbon combined with textiles. Cover dlyahalm, unmounted: SNF420x180-INADW. (19032 10) -12komp. For repair service tatehnychnoho trailers and napivprychepiv.Torhovelna Brand: SAFVyrobnyk: SAF-HOLLAND GmbH. POLAND ***** 107.88 477.5467068 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 3906909000 "1. Acrylic polymers in primary forms: FLOPRINT TA 185 N-50 kg., CAS # 64742-47-8; FLOSIZE AB 300 H -25kh., CAS # 9003-05-8; FLOLINE SIZE N-25kg., CAS # 9003-05-8; FLOSIZE PA 300 H -25kh., CAS # 9003-05-8; promyslovosti.Torhivelna used in the textile brand: Floerger. Vrobnyk: SNF SAS.Krayina production: FR. " FRANCE ***** 125 497.4804164 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 8432900000 1.Chastyny ​​to agricultural machines for preparing or handling soil of seeders, seed plate clamp device W246431B-7sht part 852866-6sht device of sowing, sowing device 852295-3sht hub, the bar clamp sowing machine W246431B-20pcs limiter balkykultyvatora SN3962-1sht, Cepphus left drills 700733947-9sht holder kopiyuyuchohokolesa right 700178415-1sht, wheel guard drills 854145-2sht, chystik right dyskasivalky 700746032-11sht, plate frames sivalkky 852308-1sht, Cepphus drive soshnykasivalky SN10126-10sht, Cepphus left drive drills 70 0746033-13sht holder dyskamarkera 851610-5sht, sowing 700746136-9sht clamp holder frame sivalky853866-1sht, prykotuyuche SN12856-2sht sowing wheel, the drive token SN10866-2sht, Cepphus seed drills 700730684-32sht unit, spindle drills N857267-4sht, Drill 851945-4sht holder frame, the drive token SN10866-4sht, prykotuyuche kolesosivalky SN13219-4sht, plate clamp drills 700164021-100sht, viskultyvatora SN13937-9sht holder device of sowing W247862B-5pcs, kolterdyska hub assembly W248429BS-8 pieces, Cepphus harrows SN6732 -25sht, the sowing for sorho852440-114sht, Cepphus disc coulter 700738007-54sht, height vnyy trough bunkerasivalky SN13722-2sht, sowing YM2995-201-11sht rack, front rack sivalkyYM2995-200-12sht, Cepphus drive 852031-78sht sowing, seed holder prystriyuW247862B 11sht-holder vysivnnoyi section 700733953-12sht part kultyvatoraSN13980-1sht frames, frame ACP0149310-1sht cultivator, sowing 854986-8sht hub, the hub disc Rippers SNFK340090-19sht, Cepphus device sivalky700730684-113sht.Krayina seed production - USTorhovelna mark - AGCOVyrobnyk - AGCO UNITED STATES ***** 892.236 17349.12443 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 8482109000 "2508199186 1.Pidshypnyk ball, line, outside diameter 37mm, dosyharetnoyi machine GD 121-2sht, bearing 2508143053-1sht (2 pcs-set); pidshypnyk2508135085-1sht (set-2pcs) Ball, odnoryadovi, Steel Radial 0-precision hoklasu , 32mm outer diameter to the cigarette machine GD121. "" manufacturer-SNFA "" "" country of-IT "" "" trademark-SNFA "". " ITALY ***** 0.207 1825.879487 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 3906909000 "1.Akrylovi polymers in primary forms for water, not in aerosol packaging: anionoaktyvnyy polymeric dispersant / sodium acrylate homopolymer, pale-zhovtaridyna: FLOSPERSE 3000, IBC 5 acc. * 1200 kg, nomerLQ53A1414-4800kh, number LQ52A1726-1200kh.sopolimer acrylamide and sodium acrylate, hydrolyzed polyacrylamide, white powder FLODRILL PAM 1040, the number Z4710-580mishk. * 25kg -14500kh.Krayina production: FRVyrobnyk: SNF SAS.Torhivelna mark: SNF FLOERGER.. " FRANCE ***** 20500 35272.69242 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 3906906000 1.Akrylovi polymers in primary forms, not aerosol packaging, crosslinked copolymer of acrylamide and akrylatakaliya (powder granules) volohoutrymuvach (sorbent) that is introduced into the soil abomaterialy, absorbs and retains large amounts of water and nutrients from lehkoyuviddacheyu: AQUASORB 3005 S, 40mishk. * 25kg, partiyaUE7225S 1000kh.Krayina-production: US.Vyrobnyk: SNF SAS.Torhivelna mark: SNF FLOERGER. . UNITED STATES ***** 1000 4347.056417 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 3910000010 1.Sylikony in primary forms, sylikonovimasla: Defoamers based sylikonovoyiolyvy (polidymetylsyloksan 95% silicon dioxide and 5%): FLOFOAM H 16 -1bochka * 190kh party 119563-190kh.Vyrobnyk: SNF SASKrayina production: FR.Torhivelna mark: SNF FLOERGER. FRANCE ***** 190 650.1882095 View Importer