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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
24/Apr/2017 8481409000 "1.Bazaltova mineral wool in plates with reinforcing coating used for insulation and protection of pipelines, walls, ventilation ducts and chimneys. In the manufacture of mineral wool used: basalt gravel, dolomite crushed stone, gravel and anortozytovyy olyvinovyy rubble. The content of basalt 98 1%. The chemical composition of basalt (%): SiO2 (43.0) TiO2 (1.72) Al2O3 (17.0) FeO (5.0) MgO (12.9) CaO (17.1) Na2O (1.87) K2O (0.76) MnO (0.13) SO3 (0.06) P2O5 (0.14) Cr2O3 (0.05): - art.8542042 PAROC Fireplace slab 90 AL1 30x600x1000 CR10 - 144m2 (24 cases, a rigid plate with one side coated with reinforced aluminum foil, you orystovuyetsya insulation for fireplaces) - art.8542823 PAROC WAS 50t Wall Slab 50 600X1200 P / 10 s - 720m (100 packaging Semi-Rigid stove sklotkanynnym coated on one side vykrystovuyetsya for heat and sound insulation of external walls of buildings). " CHINA ***** 0.433 21.66706893 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 8511900090 "1.Bazaltova mineral wool in plates used for insulation and protection of pipelines, walls, ventilation ducts and chimneys. In the manufacture of mineral wool used: basalt gravel, dolomite crushed stone, gravel and anortozytovyy olyvinovyy rubble. Content basalt 98.1%. The chemical composition of basalt (%): SiO2 (43.0) TiO2 (1.72) Al2O3 (17.0) FeO (5.0) MgO (12.9) CaO (17.1) Na2O (1.87) K2O (0.76) MnO (0.13) SO3 (0.06) P2O5 (0.14) Cr2O3 (0.05): - art.8548754 PAROC Linio 10 Rendered Facade slab 100 600X1200 PL / March 24 - 362,88m2 (7 packing density of 85-90 kg / m 3, a flexible plate is used for heat and sound insulation of exterior building walls) - art.8548775 PAROC Linio 10 Rendered Facade Slab 50 600X1200 PL / June 24 - 311,04m2 (3 packing density of 85-90 kg / m 3, a flexible plate is used for heat and sound insulation of external walls of buildings). " GERMANY ***** 1.798 138.9601082 View Importer
21/Apr/2017 8467890000 1.Instrumenty hand, with built gasoline engine, barge, supplied with a set of spare parts for easy transport in a partially disassembled state: - plate designed for laying and repairing sidewalks or paving slabs to stabilize and adding crushed stone and sand (model C60T, C80T) - 85sht.- compactors, pryznachenyi for laying and repairing sidewalks or paving slabs to stabilize and adding crushed stone and sand (model RM80) - 2sht.- circular saw designed for cutting hard surfaces of concrete, asphalt and other materials (models 350 and 500) - 4sht.- machines ties, vibrator for compacting and smoothing concrete (model SFS2) - 11sht.Spakovano in cardboard yaschyky.Torhivelna Brand: SF.Krayina production: CN. Manufacturer: WUXI PINNACLE MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. . CHINA ***** 7265.15 10171.65996 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 6802910000 1.Vyroby Natural stone, processed, not artificially colored, construction of slabs of polished gray marble 3cm - 41,35m2, polished slabs of gray marble 2cm - 211,88m2, polished slab of gray marble 30h60h2sm - 99,90m2, plates polished gray marble 60h60h2sm - 100,08m2.Vaha net 24970kh. . TURKEY ***** 24970 14581.38404 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 6908909100 "1. Ceramic tile, glazed with stoneware, facing, floor and wall models: - size 800h800 mm thick slabs 11.0 mm model RIO VERDE -1049,60 sq.m., model ROMAN MARBLE - 1049.60 square meters, model CITY MARFIL -1049,60 square meters, the model BIANCO STONE -1049,60 square meters, the model BIOTTO CHINO -1049,60 sq.m., model CITY MARFIL -97, 28 m², model TIERA BROWN -952,32 m.kv..Zahalna number - 6297.60 m.kv.Torhivelna mark - CERAMA MARKET.Krayina production - India (IN).. " INDIA 62976 157440 55292.94008 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 8207509000 "1. Instruments for hand tools, of non-precious metals for drilling (excluding tools for drilling rock slabs), without spraying artificial ornatural diamonds: HSS-Bi-metal - circular saw, 35mm art.625174000-1; Zenker on wood 16 mm, 90 ° Art.623521000-5pcs; Wood cutter 10x20mm; 90o art.625025000-20pcs; HSS-Bi-metal corrugated drill bit, 17mm art.625162000-2st; HSS-Bi-metal coronet drill, universal, 30mm art.625171000 HSS-Bi-metal coronet drill, size: 38x40 mm art.625176000-1; Coronary drill HSS-Bi-metal model, 40mm art.625177000-2st; Crown drill HSS-Bi model, metal, 4 6mm art.625181000-2st; HSS-BiM corrugated drill, size 51x40 mm art.625184000-1; Ring crown, model: HSS-Bi-metal, 83mm art.625199000-1; Set of drill bits for stone "Promotion" "( 8pcs in the set) art.626706000-10pcs; Snake drill, size: 8x230 mm art.627124000-1; more shaft drill, size: 10x230 mm art.627125000-8pcs; Snail drill, size: 12x460 mm art.627139000-3pcs; set Spiral type drill (18 pcs in a set of 3-10 mm) art.627190000-50pcs; A set of drill bits for wood CV (5 pcs in set, sizes: 4-10 mm) art.627200000-2 st;Wood drill 14x160 mm art.627315000-4pcs; Wood drill 18x160 mm art.627317000-2st;Forstner drill model HSS, size: 10x90 mm art.627579000-10pcs; HSD Forstner Drill, size: 12x90 mm art.627580000-10pcs; HS-shaped Forstner drill, size: 14x90 mm art.627581000-10pcs; HS-shaped Forstner drill, size: 16x90 mm art.627583000-10pcs; Forstner Drill Model HSS, size: 18x90 mm art.627584000-10pcs; HSS Forstner Drill, Size: 20x90 mm, Art.627585000-3; Forstner Drill Model HSS, Size: 22x90 mm Art.627586000-2; Forstner Drill Model HSS, size: 26x90 mm art.627589000-10pcs; Forstner drill model HSS, size: 35x90 mm art.627594000-10pcs; HS-shaped Forstner drill, size: 50x90 mm art.627599000-2st; Spiral drill on a tree, the size: 5х86 mm art.627988000-2st; Spiral drill for wood, size: 6x93 mm art.627989000-2; Spiral drill for wood, size: 8x117 mm art.627991000-2st; Trademark METABO Producer Metabowerke GmbH Country of manufacture CN " CHINA ***** 31.01 960.4100513 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 4418720000 "1.Parketni prefabricated slabs, flooring, consisting of three layers of wood: art. OP4V4MFB Oak Country t / g 14x209x 2200 Coral white BETA-77,28m2; Art. EBGDVMJB Oak Vivo 5G 14x181x2200 Twin FSC Mix White BETA-60 61m2; art.ORGV4MFB Oak Country 5G 14x209x2200 Pearl white BETA-46,92m2; art.OPGV4MFB Oak Country 5G 14x209x2200 Coral white BETA-57,96m2; art.OHG8VKF Oak Vivo Black 5G 14x138x 2200 Honey-30,40m2; art.ADG836FD Ash Andante 5G 14x138x2200 white-231,04m2; art.EWH845UD Oak Country 5G 13x138x2200 California Twin BOEN-124,64m2; art.EBG 84MFD Oak Country 5G 14x138x2200 white -30,40m2; art.EIGL76TB Oak Concerto 5G 14x215x2200 white BETA-142 , 00m2; art.ADG836FD Ash Andante 5G 14x138x2200 white-27,36m2; art.EBGV36FD Oak Andante 5G 14x209x2200 white-77,28m2; art.XVG8V MFD Oak Vivo Black 5G 14x138x2200 White Stone-21,28m2; art.EIG83MJD Oak Andante 5G 14x138x2200 white Twin-45,60m2; art.SDGV4MWD Oak Fas hion 5G 14x209x2200 white Structure Type 4-22,08m2; art.XVG8VMFD Oak Vivo Black 5G 14x138x2200 White St one-72,96m2; art.XVG8VMFD Oak Vivo Black 5G 14x138x2200 White Stone- 36,48m2; art.ADG836FD Ash Andante 5G 14x138x2200 white-30,40m2; art.EQHL35TD Oak Metropole 5G 13x215x2200 Arizona- 28,40m2; art.OHGVVKFD Oak Vivo Black 5G 14x209x2200 Honey-11,04m2; art.EIG832FD Oak Andante 5G 14x138x2200 white-45,60 m2.Krayina production - LT.Torhivelna mark - "" Boen Lietuva "". Producer - "" Boen Lietuva "". " LITHUANIA 121973 9510 38189.69473 View Importer
18/Apr/2017 6802999000 1.Obroblenyy stone (dolomite dytfurtskyy) in the form of slabs for construction piskostruynyy, bizhovoho color Biege LhWh30 -43,75m2,. GERMANY ***** 4410 5562.85161 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 6810990000 1.Zrazky, products made of artificial stone (slab consisting of aluminum trihydrate, acrylic, and polyester) vykor.u budivn., And decor: Basic Surfaces samples 2014 5x5 -24 / ctn- 72shtTorhivelna mark: 'DuPont (TM) Basic Surfaces'. Country vyrobnytstva- CN.Vyrobnyk: 'Du Pont de Nemours Int.Sarl'. CHINA ***** 86.4 1109.429558 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 3926400000 "1.Dekoratyvni plastic in a variety of animals, plants, and animals for aquariums in stock: Sausage toy for dogs on a rope 11 cm, plastic, 3242, art.003242-288sht, dog toys Vinyl Dumbbell 14,5sm, 33692, art.003357-168sht, dog toys dumbbell football vinyl 14 cm, 3359, art.003359-216sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell foot 15cm, 3361, art.003361-192sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell foot 25 cm , 3363, art.003363-72sht, dog toys ankle vinyl 15 cm, 3374, art.003374-48sht; Morkvynka toy dog ​​vinyl 20 cm, 3398, art.003398-144sht, Toys for soba Vinyl ball for an average of 10 cm, 3412, art.003412-144sht, dog toys hedgehog vinyl 7 cm, 3413, art.003413-240sht, dog toys ball small vinyl 7,5 cm, 3414, art. 003414-216sht, dog toys vinyl Hedgehog 10 cm, 3415, art.003415-96sht, toy hedgehog ball-dog vinyl large 16 cm, 3419, art.003419-24sht, dog toys ball with spikes vinyl 12-13 cm, 3421, art.003 421-144sht, Toy clockwork mouse for cats, plastic 11 cm, 4086, art.004086-24sht, toy cat cats with ribbons Palychkadlya 65 cm, plastic, 4091, art.004091- 600sht, toy clockwork mouse for cats, plastic 7 cm, 4092, art.004092-492sht, toys cat "" Catch Mouse "" 25 cm, 41411, art.0041411-72sht; brynchaschyh set of balls, plastic, 4.5 cm (4 pcs.), 4166, art.004166-24sht, toys for cats and sticks with butterfly 45 cm pen, 45733, art.0045733-24sht, cat toy Stick with butterfly and ball 54 cm, 45741, art.0045741-72sht, Toy parrot with a bell on a chain for birds 9 cm plastic 5309, art.005309 -96sht, Toy parrot bird with a cargo of 12, 5 cm, plastic, 5311, art.005311-96sht, bird toy parrot with a load of 15 cm, 5312, art.005312-96sht, bird toy car 10.5 cm plastic, 5358, art.005358-24sht, scenery Skull aquarium 15 cm, 8713, art.008713-14 t; Decorations for aquarium Roman ruins, plastic, 13 cm, 8802, art.008802-9sht, Scenery for reptiles bark 31 cm, 8819, art.008819-6sht, scenery Coral aquarium 16 cm, 8839, art.008839-36sht, Scenery Cave aquarium with plants 19? 9.5? 14 cm, 8852, art.008852-15sht, aquarium scenery mountain cave with 22? 10.5? 12 cm, 8853, art.008853-30sht, scenery stone slabs for reptiles 19? 9? 7 cm, 8860, art.008860-24sht, scenery reptile rock 15.5 cm 8864, art.008864-2sht, scenery Coral aquarium 26 cm, 8873, art.008873-24sht; Decorations for aquarium Coral 32 cm, 8875, art.008875-6sht, scenery aquarium broken ship 29 cm, 8876, art.008876-6sht, AK variumni crystal decoration (36 pieces), plastic, 8947, art.008947-120sht, Scenery Fortress aquarium 14 cm, 8960, art.008960-24sht, Scenery aquarium Fortress 21.5 cm 8964, art.008964-12sht; Decorations for aquarium Skeleton 12 cm, 8974, art.008974-14sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell 14,5sm, 33692, art.003357-168sht, dog toys vinyl dumbbell foot 15cm, 3361, art.003361-24sht, dog toys dumbbell vinyl foot 19 cm, 3362, art.003362-96sht, dog toys dumbbells vinyl 25 " CHINA ***** 616.053 1786.553659 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8466912000 1. The parts intended for machines and equipment for processing of natural stone, steel, Tangential / polirovalna head GAM 460/6 granite, Art. TES.TAN.460.6, NR. 2/17/1785 AL NR.2 / 17 / 1792- 8 pieces. Used as the basis for attaching abrasives in the polishing of slabs on polishing lines Breton. Manufacturer: GAM srlKrayina production: IT. ITALY ***** 712 14715.63485 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 6802999000 1.Obroblenyy stone (dolomite dytfurtskyy) in the form of slabs for construction (floor) piskostruynyy, bizhovoho color Biege LhWh30 -64,92m2,. GERMANY ***** 5112 7731.042469 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 3214900090 "1.Kley to the tile (klej do plytek (P60 LD) (ELAST) ELASTYCZNY NISKOPYLACY (paperovimishky up.po 25 kg) -126 sht.Kley to the tile (klej do plytek (P40 LD) (ELAST) ELASTYCZNY NISKOPYLACY (paper bags up.po 25 kg) -126-sht.Formavyhotovlennya poroshkopod ibna mixture of cement, which when additional avanni vodyvykorystovuyetsya as he echovyna adhesive for mounting on walls and ceilings and budivelpinopolisterolnyh plates and Sit ki, ceramic, terracotta, stone "" yanyhplytok .Umist fillers, cement 50%, pi-juice 35%, modifying applications 15%. Kleydo mineral wool (klej do weln in the miner.) KW (paper bags up.po 25kg) - 168 sht.Forma-making threshold shkopodib to a mixture of cement, which prydodav Anna water is used as the adhesive peq ovyna for installation on walls of buildings isteli slabs of mineral wool and mesh drown PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE ARE sklovolokna.Dobrezchiplyuye of mineral wool and others v cial osnovamy.Umistnapovnyuvachiv: tsem ent- 50% sand, 35%, modifying applications 15%. (ZAPRAWA (ZK) KLINKIER (GRAFIT) - Mulyars cues solution clinker ZK (Pape rovimishky pack. 25 kg) graphite-294sht. (ZA PRAWA (ZK) KLINKIER (SZARA) - Mulyarskyyrozchyn for clinker ZK (Pape ditch bags pack. 25 kg) gray-126sht. Tsesuha mixture of cement, 60%, 25% mineral filler , inorganic pihmetiv 1% hydrophobic applications 4% mo applications dyfikuyuchyh working parameters and clinging to the mineral foundation 10%. It is used for the construction of internal and external nihstin of clinker bricks and t.zv.lytso ing in single and multi houses. Plastering acrylic TAB 2.0 mm BAZA "" C "" (up.po plastic bucket 25 kg) -20 sht.Tse pasty mixture of acrylic polymer dispersion s-45% mineral crumbs - 35% pigments - 3%, preserving and modifying additives 2%, water 15% .Sluzhyt for manual execution outer barrel virgins and vnutrishnihstin coating can be applied on all the strong mineral bases. " POLAND ***** 21500 4901.316991 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 2701121000 "1.VUHILLYA" "SSOMSSH" "STONE SS-SLABOSPIKLYVE.FRAKTSIYI 0-50MM.HIMICHNI INDICATORS: -VOLOHA - 7.7% - Ash content - 6.5% - Sulfur - 0.21% - maximum content of volatile substances ( BEZMINERALNU on dry basis) - 24.3% - the maximum calorific value (in terms of BEZMINERALNU moisture basis) - 6857.00KKL / kg (7587.00KKL / kg) .PRYZNACHENNYA: FOR USE AS FUEL FOR PYLEVUHILNOHO SE-9.. " RUSSIA ***** 277500 48839.99983 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 6802910000 "1. Stone processed natural for construction: Marble slabs ground kolirkorychnevyy: Size: 259 * 156 * 2 cm pieces -7 - 28,28m2, marble slabs shlifovanikolir gray size: 145 * 105 * 2 cm pieces -9, - 13,7m2, size: 160 * 105 * 2 cm pieces -9, -15,12m2; size: 110 * 136 * 2 cm pieces -6 - 8,98m2; size: 225 * 137 * 2 cm -1 units, -3,08m2; trade mark - no dannyh.Vyrobnyk - no data. ". ITALY ***** 3746.71 3671.775972 View Importer

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