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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/2017 7318161090 1.Vyroby ferrous metal, carved nut hexagonal wire size M3 threaded rack, art. TFF-M3X8 / DR113 - 300sht. For civil industrial electronics. Manufacturer - DREMEC, trademark - DREMEC. . GERMANY ***** 0.309 11.80042361 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 7318169990 1.Furnitura fasteners for mounting nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv technologyequipment that contains in its skladiperedavachi or transmitters and receivers: MC202-FL-mounting kit filter art.60W3400-0116-3sht.MC104-ST-mounting kit filter art.60W5100-0109-5sht.MX3- mounting kit X-Y art.60W5100-0114-7sht.MX3 filter mounting kit filter art. 60W5100-0115-5sht. MX2-X filter mounting kit art. 60W5100-0117-7sht. MC1-VMF filter mounting kit art. 60W7302-0121-5sht. MC2-VM filter mounting kit art. 60W7302-0124-20sht. MC2-TMF filter mounting kit art. 60W7305-0017-13sht. MC2-TFF filter mounting kit art. 60W7305-0018-3sht. MC202-FL filter mounting kit art. 60W3400-0116-3sht. S-CST-04 mounting the magnetic sensor art. 10-8962-0004-20sht. S-CST-18 mounting the magnetic sensor art. 10-8962-0018-20sht. S-CST-26 mounting the magnetic sensor art. 10-8962-0026-20sht. 358-2 mounting plpnka art. 70-1502-0001-4sht. 454-3 mounting plpnka art. 70-1503-0003-1sht. 45 4-4 Mounting plpnka art. 70-1504-0003-2sht. 454-5 mounting plpnka art. 70-1505-0003-1sht. 358-6 mounting plpnka art. 70-1506-0001-10sht. 454-6 mounting plpnka art. 70-1506-0003-1sht. Trademark CAMOZZI CAMOZZI SpA Brand Country of EU INDIA ***** 65.122 486.0826296 View Importer
20/Apr/2017 7318190090 1.Stiyka metallic thread with image: for wiring: -TFF-M3X35 / DR113 rozm.M3h35mm-570sht, -TFF-M3X18 / DR213 rozm.M3h18mm-1000pcs. GERMANY ***** 3.134 147.4733231 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 7318161090 1. Products made of ferrous metals: hexagon nut, threaded of wire size M3 / 20, rack with thread: art. TFF-M3X20 / DR113 - 100 pcs, art. TFF-M3X10 / DR113 - 100 pcs.For civil electrical engineering. The manufacturer is DREMEC, the trademark is DREMEC. . GERMANY ***** 0.387 11.3876422 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 7412200000 1. Art. TFF-M3X10 / DR113 - 300sht. Hexagonal sleeve with two sided thread (the thread - 10mm, internal thread - M3) is made of brass (materialpokryttya - nickel) .Torhovelna mark - DREMECVyrobnyk - DREMEC. GERMANY ***** 0.387 12.90672742 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 7318161090 1.Vyroby ferrous metal, carved nut hexagonal wire size M3 threaded rack, art. TFF-M3X12 / DR124 - 200sht, art. TFM-M4X12 / DR216 - 90sht. For civil industrial electronics. Manufacturer - DREMEC, trademark - DREMEC. . GERMANY ***** 0.711 28.28980882 View Importer