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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. Citric acid monohydrate (Citric acid monohydrate) packed in bags of 25 kg. Manufacturer:. ANHUI BBCA INTERNATIONAL CO, LTD (China) -Weight 50000 kg. 2. Total Seats 2000 (2000 bag) 3. Container 2 pcs. ENRU0015409, ENRU0006937 CHINA 50000 Kg 50000 42 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. RAW MATERIALS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DRUGS: Citric Acid Anhydrous - Citric acid, anhydrous, 35 kg Manufacturer: Jungbunzlauer International AG (Austria) .BP 2007 (p.401) -Weight 35 kg.. 2. Total Places-1 (1 pallet) TURKEY 35 Kg 35 0.087 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. Citric acid monohydrate - weight: 59500 kg2. Places 2380 2380 meshkiObschee count. Places: 2380 CHINA 59500 Kg 59500 65.45 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 2918150000 1. The sample for testing: The salts of citric acid Coca Cola Zero (DJ-4274 P1C) 1 piece (1 conv) - weight: 0.8 kg2. of the pallet FRANCE 0.8 Kg 0.8 0.002 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 2918150000 1. Salts of citric acid. Used for the preservation of the drink: Coca Cola Zero (DJ-4274.811 32UN), part 1C, packed in a po. packages of 2.10 kg. (8UN) - 16 Pieces (packages) (128 conv) - weight:. 33.664 kg2. of the pallet FRANCE 33.664 Kg 33.664 0.07 View Importer
25/Mar/2017 3004400009 1. Bronholitin syrup 5,75mg / 4,6mg / 5ml 125g-15000up.ser.№4091116,4101116 to 11.20g. INN: Comb.drug (Glaucine, ephedrine, citric acid, basilic oil), pro-eh: Sopharma PLC, Bulgaria - weight: 2490 kg 2. 750 places, 750 cards korObschee count. places: 750 BULGARIA 2490 Kg 2490 12.573 View Importer
18/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. Citric acid monohydrate (Citric acid monohydrate) packed in bags of 25 kg. Manufacturer:. ANHUI BBCA INTERNATIONAL CO, LTD (China) -Weight 50000 kg. 2. Total Seats 2000 (2000 bag) 3. Container 2 pcs. ENRU0005340, ENRU0009392 CHINA 50000 Kg 50000 42 View Importer
14/Mar/2017 2918140000 1) Citric acid 50% disinfectant solution - liquid concentrate Citric acid 50% for hemodialysis machines. Pr-eh "B. Braun Avitum AG", Germany. (1000 ml containing 500 g. Of anhydrous citric acid in purified) water. Packing: 1 x 10L canister. Predna GERMANY 1998.4 Kg 1998.4 11.014 View Importer
14/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. The Citric Acid / Citric Acid PWD PLWS PK / 100 BETZ (Cat.Nr:L2013)-1 sht.-Weight 0.04 kg. 2. Part (a part of the space) GERMANY 0.04 Kg 0.04 0.023 View Importer
14/Mar/2017 3822000000 Laboratory Reagent 1. citric acid to determine high range silica and silica-low range of heteropoly blue / Citric Acid Reagent PP 100 / pkg (Cat.Nr:2106269)-2 sht.-Weight 0.08 kg. ; Laboratory reagent of phosphors GERMANY 4.6 Kg 4.6 1.686 View Importer
13/Mar/2017 2918140000 1) Citric acid xq -14kg. Manufacturer, "Khimprom". - weight: 14 kg; 2) 1 kart.korob .; LITVA 14 Kg 14 0.077 View Importer
11/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. CITRIC ACID (Sitric acid) RAW MATERIALS FOR MEDICAL proizvodsva DRUG TABLETS AND PACKED 4 The RAW MATERIAL NO PAPER DRUMS soderzhashih NARCOTIC PSYCHOTROPIC solid matter MANUFACTURED CHINA container portion --- Weight 100 kg. 2. Number of places 4 (4 kar.korob CHINA 100 Kg 100 0.1 View Importer
10/Mar/2017 2918140000 1 - Carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function and their anhydrides. Nutritional supplement BP98 citric acid monohydrate, (CITRIC ACID MONOHYDRATE BP98), used in the food industry, ISO90001-2000. packaged in a cr CHINA 50000 Kg 50000 55.9 View Importer
07/Mar/2017 2918140000 1. The RAW MATERIAL FOR DRUGS: Citric Acid Anhydrous / Citric acid anhydrous, 25 kg Ser.№1205542.. -Weight 25 kg. 2. 1 kart.kor.Chast locations (pallets) TURKEY 25 Kg 25 0.064 View Importer
03/Mar/2017 3004900000 1) MEDICINE:. Blemaren (Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Potassium bicarbonate) effervescent tablets N80 (tube) to ser.№053016 11.2018g.-490up.Izg "Esparma GmbH, produced Allphamed Pharbil GmbH" Germany. - weight: 157 kg; 2) 49 cartons; LATVIA 157 Kg 157 28.267 View Importer

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